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Demos in Summit Co.

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I'm taking a trip in a couple of weeks to Summit Co and will be staying in Frisco. I'm interested in trying some demos while we are there. Does Pioneer Sports next to Wal Mart in Frisco have demos and if so what do they have? Are there any other shops in Frisco that have a good selection of demo skis? I'm looking for an all mountain ski that will have acceptable performance back home on hard pack man made and refrozen ice. Something that can handle the bowls, light powder and fairly easy to turn in bumps. I might be asking for too much out of one ski but does anybody have any suggestions as to what to try? We'll be skiing Breck, A-Basin, Vail, Copper and maybe Beaver Creek while we are there. We've never skied Beaver Creek before but figured we'd give it a try since it is on our tickets.
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Do a Search!!

Here's one thread that mentions demo's in Summit County:


Required viewing for newbies!!!

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Thanks Bong. I read that thread last month but I guess I didn't catch all the specifics on a couple of the shops mentioned. I noticed you mentioned Precision Ski in Frisco and couple of others were mentioned. I don't want to end up with a bad experience like HarvardTiger.

That "newbies" was funny but I don't take it personally.
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Glad you didn't take that personally, too many just post without thinking.

Many of the areas have slopeside demo's, you can switch ski's on the hill. Vail has a Solomon center, many of the slopeside shops will let you demo and switch out during the day too. Doesn't hurt to call around. Check Precision Ski at Keystone, Gorsuch at Vail and Keystone, etc.

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You can also get reasonable prices on many demos at Virgin Island rentals in Silverthorne. It is in the shopping center where Office Depot (or is it Max?) is on the right as you are heading up the hill from I-70 towards Keystone.

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