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Dynastar 8000 bevel questions

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Anyone know what the factory bevel is on these skis? Bought them on-line and seller had no clue. Alternatively, is there a way to contact Dynastar directly? Their website offers no help.

I'm planning to order tuning tools and re-learn how to tune my own skis (twenty years ago, I just ran a flat file along the bottoms and sides of my skis, probably doing more harm than good). If I had certain tools (a file guide or a true bar, perhaps), would I be able to tell what the bevel on the skis are?

By the way, bought the 8000's without demoing based on all the positive reviews on this site as well as elsewhere. Was not disappointed. First run, I thought I had made a huge mistake because they were so much lighter than the other skis I had demoed. But quickly adjusted and now absolutely love them. Amazing in bumps, great at short turns, and very stable at high speeds. Only negative, and one which was to be expected: not the world's greatest ski on really hard snow/ice, especially in comparison to an excellent ski that I demoed, the Fischer RX8. However, I plan to avoid skiing on icy days and think the versatility of the 8000 will better meet my needs. Might increase the edge bevel, though, for enhanced performance when I do hit some icy spots -- thus my initial question -- although I am reluctant to do anything that might diminish the tremendous performance of the skis in the bumps.
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FWIW mine are at 1*base 2*side
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Originally Posted by waxman
FWIW mine are at 1*base 2*side
Which is the same as what what my Dynastar rep recommended for my Speed Omeglass 63's.

They seem to ski well with that.

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1 base and 2 side had been what I was thinking would be ideal for me. I know 3 on the side is often recommended for Eastern skiing, but I don't tend to ski on days when the snow's rock hard or icy.

Thanks for the input.
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