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So guess what....

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Guess which bear will be in the grand ole state of Colorado next week? (If you cant answer this question yourself...well figure it out)

I got a question though, I wanna get my edges shrpened and beveled, the shop here will charge probly $40 or 50 and itll be tricky getting it by tuesday.

Should i get them done there, or buy my own sharpener thing there? hw much $$$ would it be, and how long would it take?
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If you're in Summit County and can get to Frisco, take them to Precision Ski. Full tune is about $45, a little more if you have core shots or need serious base gouges. They can tune them overnight if you ask. They also have a shop in Keystone.

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Just take them to a tune shop by the resort you are staying at. Most areas have a place that will do them overnight. You'll pay about the same. Hope you are going somewhere in Southern Colorado.
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