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Base layer info. please

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I'm looking into buying some new base layer clothing, in light weight or mid-weight. Looking for input on what everybody likes or dislike. Also where they can be ordered from. Thanks everybody.
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loving my Hot Chilly's..I have it in several weights, which I adjust for the weather. Got it from http://www.snowshack.com....they can also do special orders.
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I generally just use regular, old polypropylene. I do have some of the fancier things like Coolmax-based layers, but I can't tell the difference. I'd rather have my base layer keep me dry than insulate. I'd also rather have 10 good sets than 1 really nice one. El-cheapo polypro from somewhere like www.sierratradingpost.com fits the bill.
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Marmot Zip LS midweight long sleeve shirts have an anti-microbial element added to the thread which prevents odor


worth it's weight in gold

you can get them on sale at Snowshack.com
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Hey man, go with Patagonia's new Capilenes. They are soft and feel like silk, but they wick lick a mother. THey are all the rage!
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I love patagonia stuff. I have some silkweight, lightweight and this week I bought some new variable-something midweight stuff. It lasts forever. I have a zip neck ligthweight top that I got in 97, and it still looks like new.
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I love silk as a first layer and if colder add a polypro mid weight and in extreme condition(really cold go with expedition weight poly) I support REI since the early 70's. You get dividends and they test their product. Very good customer relations.http://rei.com
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Another vote for the Patagonia Capilene midweights!
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Icebreaker - the best easily...... last for years NEVER smell - even if you wear them for a week without washing (No! I haven't tried it - but a friend has a guiding husband & she says he is allowed in the door on return from a week backcountry now)
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Another vote for Icebreakers!
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Who makes Icebreakers, can I get in New England? gracias.
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Patagonia midweight. Just about the right weight, comfortable, and they hold up quite well. You can buy them at REI, if you're so inclined.

Then again, it's not like I've tested a whole ton of different products, so I suspect there are others that are good too.
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i have marmot mid weight pants and light weight shirt... on sale at www.moosejaw.com for $20 a piece. i really like them.
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I like the Patagucci silkweight capilene shirts and pant/bottoms. They're available through REI (will second the mention above). These rerely if ever go on sale anywhere, so buying from REI is a good deal.
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