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Evening, friends.

I emailed the guys at Breeze to see if they had a Pocket Rocket in Breckenridge for my trip this weekend. I am staying in Breckenridge Thursday night to Sunday night, skiing Friday to Monday. Unfortunately Breeze, the old reliable's, does not have a Pocket Rocket at all, neither a 165 nor 175. I highly prefer this ski and would rather shop around to find it, even if I had to go to Keystone to rent it, than to settle for something less. I realize this is a demo package, and I am willing to pay extra for it.

DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A BRECK/KEYSTONE RENTAL SHOP THAT CARRIES THE POCKET ROCKET, PREFERABLY IN A 175 BUT ACCEPTABLY IN 165? IF NOT A POCKET ROCKET, THEN A SCRATCH BC? ALSO EQUALLY ACCEPTABLE IS THE ROSSI B3. If you have seen a pocket rocket, B3, or a scratch bc in a rental shop anywhere near the keystone/breck area, please let me know. An email would be great (chinto97 at, but this forum is ok too. Like I said, I leave Thursday, so I'd like to know by wednesday afternoon.

Thanks immensely!