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Elan M 02's

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Hate to start a new thread but I couldn't find anything on these skis....

Thus, I was wondering if anyone out there had ever skied these? Where do they excel? I was thinking about picking a pair up for use as my hard pack, mogul, crud busting skis.
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Very nice ski! Torsionally stiff and stable at speed-I ski the 165mm on hardpack and it holds well. Great in crud, stable at up-to GS speeds, especially in 175cm. Overall fun and versatile, as well as easy (seems fairly quick too). Haven't tried it in moguls. If you are looking at this ski and like the price, you won't do better at this price point, and only marginally better at 2x the price. BTW, I have a couple pair that I need to get rid of right now-I am selling them for $230 (they are new). We are getting killed by lack of snow here in the PNW and the only $ coming in the door are bicycle rentals (in January, nonetheless-normally we are covered in ice/snow right now). Good luck with your decision, and let me know if you want a pair (PM me).
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