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Axecleaver skis

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I have been offered a pair of 2000 vintage Salomon Axecleaver 10 with 900s equipe bindings with the hangl plate (for around the equivalent of $100 - does this seem a fair price?). I normally ski head 180 carvers - I understand these skis are a bit of a blast at 152 length but could it be too short? (I am 200lb, 6ft)


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that's a great price.

if you can keep them on edge all the time and ski with new technique they will probably be good however be aware they will not be forgiving at all and will not want to be going GS turns at speed. SL turns always on edge should be ok..
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To fully appreciate a ski like that you must be carving all the time. Also, for best results you want to lay it over as far onto edge as possible (low enough to drag your knuckles). The high G forces can be quite a rush, however this is a ski for groomers (well, you could try off piste but thats not what they're for). Anyway 158 should be a good length, they're a hypercarver anyway and shouldn't be skied long (takes away from the radius too much).
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Now the other question - is it OK to have the bindings on the Hangl plate moved - I had a request from my daughter that she would like to try them - but this would mean moving the bindings to fit her boots. Or is that not an option - in theory it looks like there would be less prospect of weakening the the ski than a traditionally mounted binding, since it is the plate that would be redrilled?


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For $100, the skis are a steal, unless there is serious damage to them. The AxeCleavers are extremely versatile, but it is not a ski for beginners. They ski/feel like the new short SL skis, but their width will let you handle some nastier snow as well. As for re-mounting the bindings, be careful. Make sure the new holes are at sufficient distance from the old ones and have a pro do it. One can easily make mistakes when setting screws in Hangl plates.
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