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I’ve been prepping for the level 2 exam, part II. Ive taken the practice exam, a teaching semiar and will be getting out in front of anyone who will listen to give some coaching segments. Getting out in front of your peers is difficult. It takes practice and time to be able to be relaxed while “up on stage” so to speak. Ive got some good ideas for my teaching in general and more specifically for the exam. Some of them will work great. The others I will polish until they do. We have a great ski school and very proactive directors with regard to exam prep, skiing skills, etc. Below is a little story that parallels (pun intended) my journey thus far with regard to exam preparation. Its fairly lighthearted, so prepare yourself.

Throg the caveman was always thinking. One day he came to his friend Bog with an idea. He was tired of dragging heavy things from place to place. “Mamoths getting heavier every year”, he said, “Fire wood getting farther and farther away from cave”. Bog agreed; “We slide this, skid and push that. Must be better way.”

Bog noticed that Throgs foot was all banged up turning lovely shades of Black, Blue and easy Green. Bog got worried. “You and your big ideas, Throg. I get hurt again?”

Throg reassured Bog. He took him to his work cave to show him his latest creation. The idea came to him the day before when one of the logs he was carrying dropped out of his arms and landed on his foot. To make matters worse, the log rolled down the hill and into the river, disappearing forever.

“Terrible”, said Bog. “On the Contrary faithful friend”, said Throg. “That is basis for latest invention. The wheel. Log too long, so I borrow Stogs compound mitre bone to cut off some pieces. These good little prototypes but need to build bigger working model”.

So Throg and Bog set out to chisel out of stone, the first wheel ever made. Then they chiseled out a hole in the middle so they could stick a log through it and roll it around the cave together.

It kept tipping to one side or the other, changing direction at will. It finally rolled over throgs already injured foot causing him to howl terribly, scaring away any potiential food sources grazing in the nearby meadow. That made him stop and think. “Hey, by tipping wheel on edge a little to one side or the other, we can control direction!” Hmm.
“Mean sidecut on this thing, too.” said Bog. He wasnt kidding. Well it was’nt long before they were ready to try out ‘The Wheel 2000(BC)’. They went to the hill above the river. When they got to the top, Throg had another brilliant idea. He didnt want to loose his first prototype in the river like the log, so he devised a plan.

“You pitch, Bog, I catch!”

This may be why cromagnon as a species didnt make it.

So to reinvent the wheel, all we needed was a little more side cut. Throg had figured out the big picture but rushed his idea into production. Bog took over the company after inventing the Viking burial for Throgs funeral. It took some time to learn how to really steer the “The Wheel 2000(BC)”, but he tried different sizes, materials, and even sandwhiched two panels of obsidian around basalt!

The moral of the story is, Some ideas are old. Some ideas are new. Most ideas are valid. But all ideas need to be tried out. Be sure you have thought things through, or you will land flat on your back and your prototype will roll over your nose and be lost in the river forever.

We do have a pond at the bottom of the learning center, so I had better be careful.......