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Hell Week?

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Hey I've read about Hell Week in Montana or something. Some crazy party time. Anyone ever go? What's it like?
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It's the most fun you'll never have.
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No idea what that is and I'm from here. Then again I'm a WASP so that might have something to do with it based on the title. You'll have to wait for a respons from Gonzostrike or Rio I guess.
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Then again maybe it's a reference to the weather and snow conditions here. It should be titled "season from hell" then.
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when i worked at DV we called them Hell Week 1 and Hell Week 2
because of how nuts/ busy it got at Xmas and again over President Day Week.
BNo fun about it. Every one seemed to ask, where does this lift go or what is the name of this lift, i'am standing under the name of it.
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