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Confidential Information - DO NOT READ

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I just had a very interesting conversation with my local ski shop owner. He just got back from the SSIA Convention in Vegas (where all the new '05/'06 gear is shown for the buyers) with some interesting news...

Look Pivot is no more.

That's right. Look has decided to stop producing the pivot heel (so there won't be any Rossi Axials either). Their new heel resembles the old Geze binding heels that popped up like a Look, but they don't pivot. So we've officially come to the end of the pivoting heel era - no more Marker MRRs and no more Look Pivots. It truly is a sad day. I really wonder what in the world they've been smokin' over in France. I can't imagine what insanity drove this decision.
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If this is true, I wish that I didn't read it. Why would LOOK do such a thing? The pivot heel has been the best, most innovative, binding technology for the past 35 years.
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Start hoarding your pivots. (note that the old turntables will continue)

There is more complete report HERE
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I almost didn't post this for fear of driving up the prices of the remaining Look Pivots before I can get my own stockpile assembled. But then I saw that a number of other forums were already discussing it - just nothing had been posted here yet.
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Is this because Look/Dynastar are coming out with an integrated ski/binding system for 2005-06?
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remember when the turntable was invented that toepieces kinda sucked. toes barely released to the side so the the pivot heel was a compensation for crappy toes. now that most companies toes release smoothly in any and all directions the need for the turntable heel is/was redundant. with the new heel there is more energy to the ski, it's lighter, has all the elasticity and rebound and it costs less
(for the moment the P15/p18 will continue till the machining is set up for metal PX bindings, so if you want turntables money talks/******** walks)

comparing the PX to a geze is pretty brutal
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those asterisks are "bovine fecal matter"
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No sleep lost here. Quite frankly, the Look and Marker turntables were more cosmetic than turntable over the past few years. With all of the brake hardware, these heels had very little mobility.
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I have faith that look has made a good decision and that the new binding will blow away the pivots.

actually, thats a lie, I'm just trying to prevent a mental breakdown.

I've got 1 pair of pivots that aren't screwed to anything important...hopefully I'll be mounting them to some Karma's in the near future.
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The bindings are PX 14/12/14 Ti/12 Ti
The pictures in the Multibrand Poster I have and used to report on the Dynastars 05/06 in the other thread here are so small that it almost looked like the bindings on the skis were some beefier pivot heels.
They seemed to be somewhat suspicious but it never occurred to me they would terminate them that brutally.
I could/should have asked the rep - but didnĀ“t. Mea culpa.
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So this means no more Rossi Scratches?

Better tell my buddy not to wait to get them
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Originally Posted by Noodler

Look Pivot is no more.
Actually, Dude_le_skibum (I think it was him) over at TGR broke this last fall, but no one believed it would happen. I'll be trolling ski sales with some hoarding in mind.
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Originally Posted by SkiNut
Is this because Look/Dynastar are coming out with an integrated ski/binding system for 2005-06?
Yes. That is why they weren't at the NSIA up here 2 weeks ago. I'm getting kinda sick of this entire ski binding system shit. All it really does is add way to much heavy ass to the ski.
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Yeah, but the Dynastar booth did look pretty cool. Their new GS ski has moved to full laminate and a new 2-point flex plate (aluminum), with the old Course getting more sidecut (like an XRC). New carving series, and the Legend is unchanged, with an "updated" version of the Pro (97mm waist without looking at my notes-made in the race room). I am looking forward to getting on the skis next week! Plus, I was promised more availability on the race boot!
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When talking about Look and Dynastar:
any info leak on potential change in Lange boots for 2006/2007 or later?
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tjbrk, the timing of the montreal show sucks(ed) that is the only reason d-star wasn't there. it has turned into a quebec rep show, not the national showcase it should be.
you wil notice that d-star is one of the few companies to still have a system free series of midfat to fat skis and the new binding is 20% lighter than the pivot...any questions?
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So Checkracer's info on the Dynastar 05/06 line was: "Speed Course Comp: no change
Speed Omeglass Comp: 116-64-100, 165/155 cm
Speed Omeglass: no change
Speed Course: 112-67-98, 178 cm/17 m

Skicross Pro: no change
Skicross 11: = Speed Course
Skicross 10: = no change

Contact: a new line "for excellent on-trail skiers"
5 models with 64-70 mm waists

Driver: recreational - 5 models

Exclusive: 12 models

Legend Pro Rider 124-97-116 186/194 cm, 186/29 m
Legend 8800 - no change
Legend 8000 - no change
Legend 4800 and 3800

All infos based on "Multibrand poster" with some basic info
Internal changes are possible."

So now we know that Look is revising the bindings and that D-star/Look are coming out with an integrated ski-binding system.

But has anyone actually skiied the 2005-06 Speed, Skicross or Contact skis? I'm thinking about getting new skis and do I look for an end of season deal on a pair of Rossi's 9s or 9s Oversize or wait for the 2005-06 to come out?
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speed course comp-new plate(hinged) two versions-one production using autodrive full sidewall and one traditional full sidewall(no details as this would be the WC version which changes every week anyway)
ski cross pro same as the comp above but with the solid autodrive plate not the hinged race plate

there is too much to type as obviously some stuff in europe is not coming to the USA or Canada
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