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is Sundance worth a day?

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We are in SLC from February 12-18 and kinda want to go to Sundance to check it out, but not sure if the skiing is as good as everywhere else. Lift tickets are so cheep, it makes me think there is something wrong with it. Any thoughts or advice on this one?
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I was just getting ready to post the same question.
My buddy and I are gonna check it out Friday Feb 11th either way, unless conditions don't warrant.
The price is right that's for sure...$30 a ticket
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If you go, you will get a decidedly different feel to your ski day. Sundance is not about the Most, the Biggest or the Deepest. It is about an owner that cares about the environment, your surroundings, and not making a big impact. The skiing is good, although a little limited by Utah standards. Stop in at the base and see artisans craft their wares, whether it’s making movies or some blowing lass . Go if you enjoy the fine work put into the base area surroundings (rustic, but very nice). Don’t go if you want another Vail experience.

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Sure, it is nice, trulu...but for about your 5th or 6th day of dining at the SLC buffet. I had a great time but I would start with the areas closer to CLC and ones with more snow if this were my first trip to the area.
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I've been once, years ago...loved it! Old-time skiing. Powdr is right, not Vail. Back then, food was cheap and they had composting toilets up top. Obviously Bob cares about the land! Really pretty place.
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How long is the drive from Park City?
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It's been alot of years, and there may very well be a new way, but I went from Park City to Heber City and in the back way. Sort of approached from the "back side". Real cowboy country, felt like Marshall Dillon could have ridden by at any time. Pretty drive and if I remember it was maybe a little more than an hour. The roads were good the day we went.
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Not even an hour to get there from PC. It's 45 minutes to Provo from PC, and Sundance is closer.

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I tried Sundance out for the first time on New Year's Day. It's smaller than all the others, but I think it actually skis a lot bigger than its stats indicate. Definitely one of the prettiest settings in the state for a ski resort. The powder won't be as light as the others because of its low elevation relative to the others. We also went mountain biking there for a day in the summer and had a blast.
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Sundance is where Robert filmed Jeramih Johson, back in the 70's. He loved the area so much, he bought some of the land. If i rember right, the 'trader's hut' used in the film sits on top as a warming hut. Utah Locals correct me if i'am wrong please.

Feb12-18 watch out , gonna be Hell week2 see post on main page
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Tahoetr is right redford bought an old rundown mom and pop locals ski hill back in the 1970's. It does have a nice feel very relaxed and low key. If it fits in your budget have dinner at the Tree room. Excellent food. The skiing is Ok nothing like what you will get at some other places. since it sitts on the side of mount Timp. It does not get the snow of The Bcc or Lcc or even what we get here on the Park city side. Still it is beautiful at Sundance. a nice place to stay if you want a romantic weekend with the wife.
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I would also say GO, the views of MT Nebo alone from the top are well worth the price of a ticket.
I have skied Sundance about 6 times and never had a bad day..... GO!!!!!
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I am definitely going!
BTW, Tahoetr isn't the President's Week one after Feb 12-18? I was hoping to skip that one (President's day is Feb 21st) and ski in peace...
Please tell me my week is the good one!!!!!!!
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