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Jackson Hole?

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Why does Jackson Hole close by the first week of april? I'm thinking about going out there the last week of march.
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I'm going during the 2nd week in March, so I'll let you know how it is if you're still thinking about it.
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Originally Posted by washskier
Why does Jackson Hole close by the first week of april? I'm thinking about going out there the last week of march.
That's the agreement with the National Forest Service...believe it has to do with wildlife migrations, birthing etc.

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April closing

JH closes the first week in April cause the skiers leave before the snow does although in some years the snow on the lower mountain is pretty much gone too. It's a business decision. Usually by around the last two weeks in March things start to quiet down in the village.
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sjcoll's answer is more correct, JHrefugee, although yours would probably be close from a practical standpoint.

The National Forest Service grants the permit for the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to operate on Forest Service land. It's also complicated somewhat by the fact the the entire northwest boundary of the ski resort borders Grand Teton National Park.

The Forest Service only allows the mountain to operate from the first Saturday of December through the first Sunday of April. The stated reason for those dates has to do, as sjcoll pointed out, with elk, moose, and bighorn sheep migration and calving seasons. Although I have to say that I've never seen an elk or moose much above the valley floor before May and I've *never* seen a bighorn sheep anywhere around the ski area.

It is definitely true that destination skiers quit coming here by the first of April, so even if the Ski Corp *could* legally operate into April, it probably wouldn't make much business sense.

I would disagree about the snow going away that early, though. Last year was unusually warm in March and we still had skiing all the way to the bottom through closing day. It wasn't very good, but the snow was definitely there. In other years, I've gotten annoyed at all the new snow falling into April because it screwed up my spring skiing.

For those of you thinking about coming here in late March, just go ahead and plan it. This mountain has so much variety in elevation and exposure that - if you look a little - you can nearly always find fun, good skiing. I'm a *huge* fan of skiing this mountain the last two weeks we're open.

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Four Seasons plug

Hey Bob

Saw the nice plug for the Four Seasons in the weekend edition of USA Today in the "10 great places to cozy up to a warm winter drink" section. I am sure the marketing dept is dancing in the

Since I have still have many friends still stuck in the "hole" they tell me that the Four Seasons is partially owned by Vail. If true I find that fascinating in light of the fact Vail now owns one of the valley's icon properties.....Grand Teton Lodge Company.

I did the "last tram" thing for many years and more times than you might think the bottom of the hill was pretty brown and is the reason they have no interest in extending the season. After epic winters there was always discussion about applying for an extension to the permit but not worth the effort.
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