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Jay in April

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Hi All,

I am sorta back. Not on the slopes, but feeling good enough to think that there's an off chance of me getting a weekend in at the end of the season. However given that I a buying a new house on 2/28, I suspect I won't have the cash -- or time -- to fly west.

Which brings me to my question:

Historically, how is the skiing at Jay during the first week of April?

PS: Thanks HarvardTiger for bringing me back.
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Been missing you of late. Killington and Jay are safe bets for the first week of April. I am sure Sunday River would be an option for you too.
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Thanks Phil. How about Stowe? (PS: Did you like that I gave props to your Flexons in a post earlier today?)
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Originally Posted by RotoFury
Thanks Phil. How about Stowe? (PS: Did you like that I gave props to your Flexons in a post earlier today?)
Stowe should be an option too. It also has a great town, so the wife will have plenty to do.

Yeah...Dalbello Krypton...not Flexon .
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Just an FYI, I typically go to Jay for a weekend in early April, and in years past, its been a crap shoot. Some years its been phenomenal, everything open (including the front chutes), and other years they've been on the verge of closing with dirt showing on many trails.

Killington and Sunday River will typically be the best bet for later season skiing, however, with the slow start this year, and I know Killington still isn't 100% open, the overall coverage might be thinner this year.

Hopefully we'll get some good late season dumps though.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Stowe should be an option too. It also has a great town, so the wife will have plenty to do.
My wife and her family went to SR a couple weeks ago. Apparently something "clicked" with my wife's technique and she found herself making rail-road tracks for the better part of the weekend. Her father -- a young 46 years old -- and 21 year old brother couldn't keep up with her, despite the fact that she gave them a head start all day.

So I don't think she's going to care for the shopping. She's going to be too busy carving.

Oh and given that I picked out her skis (Dynastar Exclusive Carve's) based on all I'd heard and what I knew she wanted to do ... now everyone in her family has recruited me to research the gear for them. At least I have SOMETHING ski related to do.

Oh and I made the change to Krypton on my other post.
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In a low snow year your best bet is Okemo.
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however Okemo has been hurting too. Two weekends ago, their conditions were similar to Killington's, but bit more icy, and there were no gladed trails open due to not enough snow. In my opinion, they have some great glades trail, but if they aren't open, I'd rather ski somewhere else.
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Tell me when you will be up at SR or K and we'll meet up for some runs.
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Sclace ... will do. But it's more of an "if" than "when" at this point. Last word I got was: Sorry, son, you ain't skiing this season. But I feel like I have some Terrell Owens in me: I am feeling really good, really healthy. And April 1 is a full 9 weeks away. I won't disobey doctor's orders, but I will try to be persuasive.
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Only one reliable place worth skiing in April in the east, and its as cheap as it gets.....

Tuckermans Ravine

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April is a long way off but me and a buddy hook up the Saturday of Patriot's Day weekend at SR each year and try to ski absolutely as many runs as we can. Last year we made 26.25 miles of lift rides, greater than a marathon. I encourage and all Eastcoast Epicskiers to head up to SR for the marathon Saturday April 16, 2005. See if you have 26 miles or 40K vert or 30 runs or any other goal you wish to set. See you in the bar at 4:00 or say hi on the lifts/slopes.

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We did Jay the last week of March 2 years in a row. The first time, we got 4 feet of snow in 5 days, the next year it rained 4 out of 5 days, but 90% of the mountain (including the trees) was open and the skiing was still pretty good. I'm told they usually get one or two big dumps in late March/early April (the second year they got it the week after we were there), but like anyplace else , at that time of year, the weather's a crap shoot.
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