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Mt. Bohemia report 1/22

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Drove to Mt. Bohemia from Ironwood Saturday morning. It had snowed 7" overnight in Ironwood and the weather reports were indicating 8-12" in the upper elevations on the Keweena Peninsula. Unfortunately we got a late start and then were slowed by the snowy road conditions. Coming in from Ironwood we lost an hour going from central to eastern time zones and didn't pull into the parking lot until 10:45. So mush for finding any untracked.

They had received 8-9" overnight on top of about 24" from throughout the prior week and conditions were great. The lot was pretty full, and so was the lift but there was virtually nobody coming down the runs toward the front side lift. 60% of the people there were skiing the Back Country glades and riding the bus back to the base.

The last time I was there (three years ago) the coverage was pretty sketchy. Saturday snow cover was good. Just a few rocks exposed here and there. Only one slight scratch to the base of one ski. The snow was light, dry and fast, and had a little depth in spots. I took a hop off a 7 foot drop that I didn't really see coming until the last second. The landing area looked a little flat and not very deep. When I came down the skis sunk in more than I expected and just stopped where they hit. Sent me straight forward in a beautiful sailor dive, filling the collar of my jacket with fluff.

All in all it was a great day. For you midwestern skiers who have been thinking of making a trip to Bohemia now is the time to do it.
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I will agree with you. I have skied the U.P. for about 30 years. I have always skied in the Porkies and a few times at Indianhead. This was the first time I skied Bohemia. It was outstanding! Me and 2 kids left thursday afternoon ( It's ski season I had to take them out of school and they love it). Stayed in Houghton. There was hardly anyone there on Friday when we skied. On Friday there was at least 8" -12" of fresh snow. Saturday was great but more people. ( By more people I mean that on each run you saw maybe 3 or 4 other people. )

This place is not for beginners and fresh snow makes all the difference. Nice long runs through trees and on mountain. I hope to go again in mid Feb. The entire family is planing a long weekend at the Porkies. But I think one day on that weekend we will make the 2 hour drive from by the Porkies to Bohemia.

As an FYI the porkies is no longer run by the State on Michigan it is now being run by the same person who owns/runs Mount Bohemia.
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