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Help with Ski Decision

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First, hello all, I've been lurking for awhile and like many others, had to get in the action and great advice that you guys give out. Seems like a great community.
I'm 20, 6' 175# and have been looking for a pair of skis. I have a good pair of boots and need that next bit of kit. I've demoed a few and am looking for some comments. I ski about 50/50 East and West due to my midwest location (go back east to visit relatives). I'm an intermediate/advanced skiier, getting progressively better but I realize my technique still isn't there. I can handle blues and blacks but know that I skid sometimes. If I focus hard I can avoid it, just don't all the time.
I've tried a few skis, maybe too advanced for me, not sure. I tried the Volkl 5-Star in 168cm or so, this is the one that felt too stiff, just wasn't fun. I almost want to say damp, but probably I wasn't engaging it enough (picked up the lingo from reading you guys). The Volkl 724 EXS (only one they had) was flat out no fun. It did everything fine, just wasn't interesting. The Scream 10 Hot in 165cm was better than both of those, I enjoyed it. Better than all was the k2 apache crossfire. This ski I had a blast on in 168cm, unfortunately I think something wider would be better.
On to the questions, I'm considering these skis: Dynastar Legend 4800, Intuitiv 74, K2 Apache Recon, Rossi B2 (or BXX), Atomic M10, and lastly, the K2 Public Enemy has weighed heavily on my mind. I'm thinking length around 170-175cm in all. I can't demo them all and actually would like to buy soon, want to save on rentals. The PE and Intuitiv are nice because they're cheap. Opinions are welcome and in fact solicited. On both selection and length. Oh, I like the groomed (its all there is in Virginia/West Virginia) and need a ski that can handle it since I ski it. When I'm west, I enjoy ungroomed and back bowls much more, ski those almost only. I like the PE because I fantasize a bit about jumping, but have no interest in being a park rat.
Thanks all
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I think you'd like the PE's and they're great all mountain skis. My son is 5'8", about 180 pounds and he skis his in a 159cm. You should probably go to 169cm, but 179 would be too long, IMO. He has several other skis, but the PE has become his everyday ski.

That said, both the Int 74 and the 4800 are great skis as well. I'd probably choose between the 74 and the PE's. BTW, the 74 with be better on groomed slopes and the PE will be better everywhere else.
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At 6' and 175 pounds, and assuming you're reasonably athletic (you're 20), I wouldn't consider a ski shorter than a 175. If you're skiing variable snow conditions, the extra leverage/stability provided by the longer ski will allow you to progess onto more and more difficult terrain. I'm 5'10" and 165lbs and ski a 186 really stiff board. Yes, they'll make longer turns on hardpack, but who likes short turns anyways?

Demo something in a 180 or so and see how you like it. Try the Legend 8000, the B2, or something comparable.
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Anybody else

I appreciate the advice guys, since those two were a bit conflicting, does anyone else have anything to add?
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K2 PE in a 179...The twin makes it more like a 174. The best all-mtn. ski for the money. I scored a pair before Christmas for about $300 shipped. I really dig their all around performance. I used to have a mid-fat for firmer days and a park ski for tricks. I now just ride the PE's...well at least when there is no powder. 5'8" and $1.75.
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