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Ski Exercises While Injured

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I recently fractured my tailbone and my pelvis in a pretty nasty fall. I am looking at being out 4-6 weeks, but I still want to keep my body in somewhat decent shape so when I make my return I'm not winded after five runs. I was wondering if anyone had any exercises that can be done without having to put extreme pressure on these areas. Any help is much appreciated.
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try aquarobics or water running
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It would be irresponsible to guide you without an in-person evaluate of your condition. Please see your doctor and therapist for these answers.

thank you,
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I've been doing yoga for thirty years and without doubt, if you could learn gentle, simple yoga exercises, for the area, that would be the best thing for you. But saying that, I know what i would do, but you would have to be very very careful!! As you become up to it, nice gentle stretching, with breathing, in ranges of motion.

(I actually wrote a nice long addittion to the yoga and skiing thread found below, but i had some dumb computer problem and it was eaten before i was able to post it).
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>I recently fractured my tailbone and my pelvis in a pretty nasty fall

oops. recently!!, anything you do should only cause mild discomfort at most! probably have to let nature take it's course for the 4-6 wks before you start worrying about working it, work closely with your doctor or therapist of course. I think it's okay to take a break once in a while, our bodies need it.
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