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2006 EpicSki Academy announced! - Page 2

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Definitely Alta and Snowbird.

The Cliff Lodge is not exactly cheap lodging, hopefully the ESA can work out a good price.

I am looking forward to getting out there for the 2006 ESA!

Keep us posted on the likely costs so we can begin saving our pennies.
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We're working on it!

In the meantime, a couple of comments. Yes, the Cliff Lodge will be the most expensive on the hill alternative. The least expensive Salt Lake City option is always, a room down in the Valley, at one of the Extended Stays or something similar. The other resort options (or sharing a condo in the Canyon) will fall somewhere in between in terms of price.

The advantages of SLC as a venue (besides powder, of course) are easy air access (and the bargain airfares that competition tends to offer) and a variety of lodging choices that range in price. That will tend to give participants more control over the total price of their trip.

On the other hand, we are going to try to do as much as possible on the premises--it's good for us in terms of camaraderie, not to mention logistics. We intend to book the coaches into Snowbird Lodging, have an offer on room rates from Snowbird that I think most people will find very, very attractive!
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I stayed at ESA Sandy last year and can vouch for its convenience, its inexpensive (comparably, mind you) rate, and its ease of access to LCC and the AltaBird complex.
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My choice is both areas---although my group spent little time at Alta last year---what we did was fun and it seems a minor extra cost.

I'm leaning towards a car and Sandy ESA right now. We may change our minds as details are announced.
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Originally Posted by nando
I love it! we are already talking about next year's academy! Awesome...
Now, I've skied the Bird before. The conditions were good and I never went to Alta. There is enough terrain to stay at either mountain if we want to, but it is good to have the option and if it is really tough for lower levels ( which I'm not quite sure) we should consider it. I agree with Tom, the difference in $ is not really significant.
Switching gear a little bit, I think It will be key though, if we can all stay close together like in Montana.
regardless of what is decided, we'll do our best to be there
Yes, it is *tough* for lower level skiers. There are few green runs, and as I recall the main green run, Big Emma, would be a blue at just about any other resort.
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Let me just consult my diary... (and kinda register on the thread )
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Originally Posted by sno'more
We intend to book the coaches into Snowbird Lodging, have an offer on room rates from Snowbird that I think most people will find very, very attractive!
Does this include support staff (like videographers?)
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Yay! This is great that you set the dates so early. I'm marking it down now! I'll keep my eyes peeled for info on details, registration, lodging, etc. I'll see if I can try skiing next January withOUT a cast.
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My partner Deb & myself really want to make the 2006 ESA (heard so much about it from WTFH & on snowHeads).

My US geography is pretty crap but I gather from the above that for Snowbird/Alta you fly into Salt Lake City, Utah?

Any recommendations on flights/transfers/travel costs etc from the UK would be greatly appreciated, as well as the course/accomadation costs as soon as possible please ssh.

To make travelling the distance worthwhile we'd plan on coming over for 10-14 days & do the academy right at the start & then stay on for more skiing. Cost aside (I'm very poor!), is it worth transferring to another resort (if so, where?) after the course or will Snowbird/Alta haveall the skiing we need?

I'm not familiar with your grading levels but I'm advanced/high intermediate & Deb is intermediate level if that helps.
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Hi spyderjon,
I'm not from the US, but will try to help
United, Delta and American (along with others) fly from London to SLC. You can't fly direct, but will change at Chicago, Alanta, Dallas, or somewhere.

There's a lot of skiing in Alta/Bird, but you may want to hire a car and drive to Solitude, Brighton, Park City, Deer Valley, OR, if you're feeling really adventurous, a 5 hour drive (roughly) will take you to Jackson Hole.

You two will fit in well at the Academy!
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Go to Jackson Hole after the academy. You can get a room at the Hostel X with a private bath and a queen bed. It is ski in/out and will cost you very little. You may also try the Inn at Jackson Hole and ask for the double diamond packages. See you and Deb at the academy next year.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
You two will fit in well at the Academy!
You mean they ski and drink Guinness?
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I'll be turning 24 february 1st. Can't think of a better way to celebrate then skiing altabird with the bears
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Even though the CLiff is expensive, the last ESA at the Bird had great prices (in the $100/night range) on studio condominiums at the Lodge (or was it the Inn? I forgot which).
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Originally Posted by Rio
You mean they ski and drink Guinness?
Rio, I'm sure I can dig up a photo somewhere of Jon with a pint in his hand...
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