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Lock 'em or leave 'em?

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What do you folks do with your transportation gear when you go 'away' to a resort and ski, do you stuff your gear in an open cubby or do you rent one of those lockers? Yaknow, the bags you use to carry all your equipment, your shoes, that extra pair of gloves, etc.

And just for the heck of it, who locks up their skiis?

Just curious. I am personally somewhat distrusting of strangers and prefer to use the lockers at all mountains other than my local one. As for my skis, I lock 'em no matter what if it is busy, but I'll leave them out if it's not busy and I can see them from the lodge.
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all of my gear stays in the truck, but we try to keep it somewhat concealed, no sense in showing off what is available to steal.

as for my ski's I have never ever ever locked them up no matter how busy and have never had them stolen. once i did have my poles stolen but I was only about 14 and was using rentals, so I grabbed a pair of rentals that looked about right and went skiing. I think of that day often knowing my day will come for that pole swipe many years ago.

perhaps this is another reason not to own top-o-line skis, hmm B2's or Axium supers, yup B2's please.

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My bags and shoes are either in a locker, basket check, or in my truck.

My skis are always locked no matter what.
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I have a bag for my skis, but only use it for transporting them to and from the house and so they do not get any road dirt on them when I am driving. When I get to the ski resort I put my boots on at the car and carry my skis to the lift. I just leave my shoes and stuff in the car. Whenever I am off the slopes I do lock my skis though.
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Since my skiing is all on vacation, if we wear boots to the lodge and then change into our ski boots there, we rent a locker.

Other goodies I carry in a backpack (a small one...with water).

I always lock our skis. Irritating as it is, I've heard too many horror stories of theft.
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Yeah. It is sad that ya can't trust anybody, but that's the way it goes, I guess. Sometime I forget to bring my lock, but my bf has one too. Usually one of us remembers. My lock will fit around more than one pair of skis though. The max I have tried so far is 4. It is a nice little retractable Trek lock. The thought of someone stealing my skis makes me ill. I would be so upset. My advice: lock em up! It only takes a second and is well worth the minimal effort!
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The rather long list of stolen items we received at work from the police had a relatively true cross section of gear represented. There was not a predominance towards higher end gear being stolen, in fact it appeared to be stolen less often, much as it is sold less often.

All of the items stolen, like 50 so far in the year or something, have one thing in common. Anyone wanna guess what it is?
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Originally Posted by skiingman
All of the items stolen, like 50 so far in the year or something, have one thing in common. Anyone wanna guess what it is?
They were left unlocked.
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You are teh winnar!
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Shoes, clothes stay in the car.

If I'm going to do any hiking, which I almost always do, then I carry a pack with water, a spare layer, and a little junk food. Packwise, I alternate between a few.. I seem to be using an Osprey Kestrel these days since I can change how it's set up pretty easily. For work, I carry a Mountainsmith Day Pack for tools.

I've never worried much about people stealing my skis. I'm much more worried about some moron getting my alpine skis confused with his rentals and taking off with them by accident. The obvious answer is to cover the skis with some stickers, but I haven't bothered yet. So for now I'll just occasionally separate them.
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Nobody wants to steal my old skis (K2 El Camino). I’ve tried leaving them in an easy spot for someone to swipe so I’d have an excuse to give my wife for buying new skis. I saw a pair of skis last night at Cataloochee NC just like mine with Alta stickers on them.
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Speaking of ski racks, I find it odd (oh really I shouldn't) that only on the east coast do you have to worry about locking your skis away when you're at lunch. Funny how most east coast resorts are littered with lockable ski racks.

Whereas in the west coast, at least in UT/CO/WY, you almost NEVER see them.

And if you don't trust our east coasters and don't feel like locking them up...just mismatch the skis with whoever you are skiing with and place them on polar opposites of the ski rack area.
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If I'm not living out of them (which I've had to do in a couple of French ski resorts) then I'll bundle my bags up and drop them in a cupboard.

I lock my skis up every time I can. If I can't lock them, then I'll split them into an odd pair with a ski buddy's and put them a long way apart. One SX:11 won't do anyone any good

Fingers crossed - nothing stolen yet.

What I'm considering doing at the next trip is finding some of the lockers at the bottom of the mountain to keep my skis and boots in - we invariably end up staying a fair distance from the slopes, and I'm getting really fed up walking in ski boots while carrying skis.
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Typically i wont lock my skis.or my ghear ill just leave it in the lodge under a chair. i just make sure all I got in the bag is a water bottle, pair of $10 emerrgency goggles, and my old spray painted red tennis shoes.
When i got in to eat, I usually leave my skis on the rack. but new this year because i bought skis, since we have lots of the locking racks that cost 50 cents per lock, ill just put my skis into the rack, and make it look like they are locked. (Plus i always put them next to someones unlocked pair of new Fischers, or Atomics):
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I have a full-time locker, so I leave the usual random stuff like shoes in it while I'm skiing (in addition to while I'm not ... which is its main purpose). On the other hand, quite a few people do tuck that kind of stuff into a corner or somewhere. It would seem bizarre to me that someone might want to steal someone else's shoes.

I don't lock my skis. I often split them.
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Isn't locking the skis easier then separating them really far apart?

That won't stop someone from finding them and I think it is more work then wrapping a lock around them.
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Good way to look at it.
How much did you pay for your equipment? and do like giving things to total strangers?
I always try to use a lock up area/ ski correl.Some are free, some may cost a few bucks, but it's worth your investment to protect your equipment.
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Originally Posted by Jersey Tom
And if you don't trust our east coasters and don't feel like locking them up...just mismatch the skis with whoever you are skiing with and place them on polar opposites of the ski rack area.
You think you are clever eh?

<knows a guy that did this, got a pair of mismatched skis stolen. bought two new pair>
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I usually walk to the lodge from my truck wearing a pair of worn out running shoes. After putting my ski socks and boots on, I just wad up my cotton socks in the running shoes and leave them on top of the locker. If someone needs shoes bad enough to steal these shoes, then I'd be glad to just let that person have them. Their gain would not be too much of a loss for me.
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before i got my new pair of atomics this year, i had a pair of K2s, and I would just separate them on different ski racks. Now with my Atomics, I always lock them up.

I have never rented a locker though at any place I have skied at. I always just leave my bag of stuff under one of the tables. Sometimes I try to hid it under another bag , but its never locked up. I have not a problem to date with anything being stolen...not to say that my day wont come.
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