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Head i.SL vs Fischer WC SC???

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I want to buy either the Head i.SL or the Fischer WC SC and would appreciate any input about both because I won't be able to try them myself. Is there a big difference between them or are they both fairly similar given their similar shape and purpose? I will use them for carving up corderoy and corn, and will not race with them. With which ski is it easier to control ones speed when it is icy?

By the way, I can get this years Heads for $300 or last years Fischers for $400.

Thanks for any info.

I am a level 8.5 skier, weigh 170 lbs and ski every day in Tahoe for about 4 hours. I already have Fischer WC RC 175cm and Pocket Rockets 175cm and Saloman Superaxe Equipe 3V 176cm/

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the head is a damper ski...

the fischer is a bit more frisky...

I would say go with an Elan slalom over both of those.
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I have posted recently concerning the Fischer WC SC. I have skied it three times in 165.

Briefly:I am 44, 175, a strong Level 7 with a list of injuries including, butnot limited to, 3 shot lower back disks and two damaged knees. I am searching for a super carver that I can also have some fun with in powder and the odd accident when I happen to turn into some glades ... no really, I only ski the trees by accident, honest.:

I have demoed the Salomon Equipe 10 SC, the Atomic Metron b5, M9, Fischer RX8, Elan SX(?) (and a long list of others that were worth only a few runs).

I had the WC SC basically thrust on me against my will by the local ski shop when I went to try the RX8. It turned out I loved the WC SC. Now having tried it in all the basic east coast food groups of ice, boilerplate, crud, blown ski-goo, and last weekend powder, it turns out that I need something else. Perhaps the b5. Simply, the WC SC is not a good powder ski for me, nor is it particularly good in the glades/ungroomed tracks. It is just too stiff - like a blade. And if you are tired, this puppy will let you kinow about it. If you will use it in its power zone, the groomed or icy steeps, it is is awesome. Grip and zip. As I posted elsewhere, if you have a "quiver" of weapons and can afford to, this is the biz. A Ginsu knife of a ski. Chop, slice and dice. But it is not a leatherman or swiss army knife.
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Thanks for the comparison of the Head vs Fishcer. Frisky sounds better to me. Which ski do you think is better on softer snow, like one inch deep corn? I am sure they are both over kill for the "Firm" snow we get in Tahoe occasionally so the skis that work best on the semi-firm might be my best bet.

Which Elan slalom ski would you recommend? According to Keelty, the SX is too stiff for me and the S is not very stable at speed or in big arcs. It sounds like the S is a great blue ice carver but we don't get much of that in Tahoe. I think I want something in between the SX and the S unless Keelty's review is off. If the Elan S is higher performance than the Fischer Race SC or RX8, it might be good for me.


This will definitely be a quiver ski for me because I have a couple other pairs of skis.

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