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1. Harrachov/Rokitnice nad Jizerou (Riesengebirge, Chechia): Harrachov and Rokitnice nad Jizerou, in the Riesengebirge
Only miles from Liberec. If you looked up to see where Todd Lodwick was competing in the last Nordic combined event: you found the area. Harrachov is also a stop on the FIS tour for ski jumping. Alpine skiing in either place: Not recommended. Harrachov in fact is an aweful tourist trap. Two high speed quads, four trails, incredible crowds, the town is a zoo. Ticket prices are 15EUR, i.e. there are hardly any locals, only tourists from the lower parts of Germany and Netherland who don't know any better. There's a glass factory in town which offers a tour - also kind of a tourist trap but authentic and interesting enough.
Rokitnice nad Jizerou is about 10miles from either Liberec and Harrachov. They have a spread of very small areas (surface lifts only), and the home mountain, Horni Domky (Sounds funny eh, pronounce it with the flat o and rolling r). It offers mid-Atlantic type skiing with the added bonus of nice trees if you're willing to ignore the rules on that part. There's one high-speed quad which reaches mountain top. Snowboarders not allowed, they have to stick to the surface lifts.
Zakaz snowboardingu
The best terrain is accessed from the surface lifts anyways, not much missed anyways.
I was asked how it looks over there, and I have to say, I don't know, it was foggy most of the time... hence no pics. It comes close to something in between Black Forest and Allgaeu in Germany, I said.
Synopsis: Inexpensive, great beer, great cross country skiing, alpine skiing is not to phone home about. Perhaps the Schneekoppe, which is the highest mountain of the range, is the better deal, but still not a destination if you come from far away. If you drive, bring all mountain and European driving skills.

2. Warth/Sproecken (Vorarlberg, Austria)
Only on paper, this area lies in Vorarlberg. Geographically, I count it as part of the Arlberg. The road between Warth and Lech/Zuers/St.Anton (Tirol) is actually only a few miles long. I did not use the term connecting the towns. The road remains closed during winter, avalanche hazards or not, period. It is said this is the case so that the valued guests of Lech shall not be bothered by the ordiniaries from Warth. Can you smell the smoking guns of the battle for the white gold? There's a Skiroute which connects the ski areas however, the ski areas are within sight of each other. Don't expect to ski in Lech though, AFAIK they stopped selling lift tickets to the public, i.e. you need to stay there.
Away from the pistes and crowds, Warth/Schroecken has some really nice terrain, mostly above tree line, accessed via the Skiroutes. Noteables are ski route 2, which hits a wide valley for great powder skiing if there's been some fresh. Below a picture of the top section of Skiroute 6. The lower part is out of perspective - the grey arc is one of the two parking lots between Sproecken and Warth, far below the viewpoint. Note this shot was taken on a busy holiday weekend.

Synopsis: Great escape, especially mid week. If you're driving in from Bregenz/Lechtal, you spare the hassle of the Arlberg, and the attitudes, too. Weekends see crowds though. Starting this season, they feature the first couple of lifts with seat heating - I knew it wouldn't be long for that two come out...
Below a couple more highly compressed impressions: