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'05-'06 Race Skis

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I know its still a little early, but anyone have any info on racestock skis or boots? I know someone has to have a website out there, that has next years stuff.
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While I didn't see any race stock skis there (or, by appearances anyway, any race skis at all) there is some kind of crazy stuff.

As they note, K2 is "toujours tres chouette avec de gauche a droite." Some might say "trop chouette."
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It looks like back to the future for Salomon graphics.
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those salomons win the Ugly Award hands-down.
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Here you can find some pics of the Rossi 9S WC and 9X WC.


and you can also find some pics of some models from Dynastar, Line, K2 (the freeride models mostly):
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