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Calgary Bears with Atomics

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Aaarrrrgggg. I just had my 10.20's tuned for the first time and they ruined them!
I took them to the shop where I purchased them and they assured me they would put the proper bevel on them, 1 on the base and 3 on the side. This is the first tune I've had done since I purchased them.
Yesterday when I skied on them they kept wanting to track straight and I couldn't get them on the edge, they felt like they were slipping out from underneath me. They didn't even feel like the same skis.
I called the shop this morning and complained and they said to bring them back, but I'm worried they might make it worse.

If any Calgary Bears have Atomics, where do you get them tuned successfully?
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MJ, did you ski on the 10.20's at all before you had them ruined/I mean tuned? How many days?
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Yes, I skied on them about 10 times, needed the tune due to some rocky/hard pack conditions.
What is the best way to get them back to the way they were when they were factory tuned?
I'm not sure if I should try the shop again, or buy my own tuning equipment and start doing them myself. I used to tune my own skis when they were pre-parbolic.

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The best way to get your skis back to original is to have the skis run through a Wintersteiger Ceramic Edge Finisher. I don't know who has this machine in Calgary though. Call Vancouver Ski Services for this info, since Barry Cleator (owner of VSS) is also the sales dude for Wintersteiger in Canada.

If you want to get them working better using hand tools, you will need a diamond stone, and an adjustable guide for both base and side sufaces. I mostly polish free-hand though. You need to polish out the longditudinal striations in the edge left by the stone or sand paper. I had someone come by my demo area on Saturday at Whistler with the same issue. Advantage for him was that he lived in Vancouver, so getting to the required machine was no problem.

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Mj , take them back and let the head tech have a look at them , if they are standing behind the work they usually know what they're doing (ask to watch them if they'll let you) . Otherwise take them to " Felix Ski Service " (4627 Bowness Rd NW) .
He's probably the best in Calgary , or try Techno Sport on 17th and 2 st SW .Just out of curiosity who did them for you ? You don't need to give out a shop name but the street or ave they are on would tell the tale. If you want to take BRacers advice about a Wintersteiger Ultimate Ski in Banff has a brand new toy they love to play with.
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Thanks for everyone's advice. I've been fretting over this since the weekend. I love my atomics and have been concerned that they will never be the same as when I first got them!!
I took them to a place on 14th street. They did say to bring them back but I'm a little hesitant in case they don't fix them right. Since then I've talked to a couple of people (non-atomic owners) who were not happy with the tune they had at that shop either.
I did call Felix and the person I talked to on the phone tried to tell me the 1 & 3 bevel is not good on the Atomics, that they use a 1/2 to 3/4 & 3 bevel. I wasn't sure if this would make a difference or not, so I figured the shop where I bought them would know how to tune them.

Does Utimate Ski in Banff know what they are doing with their "new" Wintersteiger toy? I've always heard lot's of horror stories about shops that end up ruining skis even if they have the proper machines.
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I know the shop your dealing with and have heard the same thing this year. As for the Felix thing I've been on alot of skis done by him (mostly Atomics in the last few years) and never noticed any change , give him another call and talk to him about what you want.
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