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Night Skiing In Utah

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Hi, first post here on the forum and any insight is much appreciated. I'll be in Utah for a business trip March 1-5 and will expand to include some skiing. I'm in the planning stages today and I'm gonna take an early flight on Feb 28 and get into SLC around 10:00 a.m. First, question is where would you ski that first day? Quick Start doesn't allow those dates. Next, I'll have opportunities to ski Wed, Thurs and Fri nights. Aside from Brighton, which I hear is a zoo, what other options do I have? I'll be staying in Draper and will have a rental car.
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Park City does for sure and I believe Snowbird has night skiing as well.
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night skiing isnt that good at pc, onlyt a couple of runs light up, and the runs dont get regroomed between day and night skiing.
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Ditto Tahoetr, and SBird is even less, don't know Brighton. If you arrive @10AM, go to any of the Park City Resorts, on the slopes by 11:30 if you push it, and same distance timing for Snow basin. Just check the current conditions.
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I believe Powder Mountain has some night skiing.
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