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Thermo feet?

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Has anyone out there used Thermo Feet, a foil insert that goes under the insole?


My daughter has trouble keeping her feet warm, and I'm planning on getting her some BootGloves to put on the outside of her boots.

Is it worth trying the Thermo Feet as well?
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I got them last year. I really can't say with complete conviction how well they work. I figured for $15 they were worth a try. When its really cold (single digets -some wind) I am hard pressed to keep from getting popsicle toes after 2 hrs.

I have boot gloves and only use them when its ridiculously cold out. I think that if your daughter gets cold feet when its in the high teens or twenties, these products will make a bigger difference . Its my opinion when it gets really cold out, nothing short of electric boot heaters make a big enough difference.

I also believe our dampness in the east contributes to our feet getting cold. I've skied in Alberta when it was really frigid, and never had my feet get as cold as they do at home at much higher temps.
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