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Atomic buys Volant

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Ski Racing link:

If you think that's consolidation, check out Tecnica (Nordica, Dolomite, Marker, Elan):
Note this last link may be outdated (i.e. first part of the year) as ski companies are bought and sold annually. I think Lowa (hiking) is independent again but not sure.
Tecnica and Volkl are sisters (not one controls the other), just like Rossi and Dynastar.
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I am wondering whether it's better to wait another year before buying Volant? Presumably now that Atomic owns them Volants will be even better?
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of course, I meant buying Volant skis for myself and not the brand. I wish!

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CH, I wouldn't wait one little moment.

Volants are super fun; I've really enjoyed everything that company has made from the old style FX-2 and Zmax (still my preferred knockabout ski for dust-on-crust) to the McG and Chubb to the V2 Genesis.

Why wait to have fun?

I really hope Atomic keeps Volant as a R&D, not-quite-boutique yeeehaaaa label.
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Atomic has been building Volants since last year when Gen-X bought Volant. IMO, the Atomic made Volants are superior to previous generation Volants. The bases and edges are to a much higher standard.

What we will be seeing is a Volant...cough..Atomic...cough cough..Ess binding in the near future.
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From what I understand from my local Atomic dealer, the Atomic binding system will completely change to a truly integrated system next year- no more bindings derived from the ESS VAR. I'm not sure if this is the gospel, but I do know he started dumping the current style bindings for much less than he usually charges. I picked up a couple pair to mount on Atomic skis I already own, but that's the last Atomic bindings I'll buy until I know more.

BetaRacer- confirm, deny, or no comment?
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