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Rossi Zenith 2005/6

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Zenith Collection by Rossi for the 2005/6 season.
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Rossi answer to Metron's?

The oversize Z9 and Z5 looks like Rossi response to Atomic Metron's.
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Does this mean the 9S oversize is being dropped?
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I doubt they'd drop the 9S oversize. That's part of the racing line, the ones above are just the Zenith line.
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Originally Posted by SkiNut
Does this mean the 9S oversize is being dropped?
No, mi source tells me that it will be about the same ski as the current one except for some minor change. The name will be 9S TI Oversize (118-66-104).
The 9X TI Oversize will instead be deeply revised, always according to my source (116-68-98 are the measures)...
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Z9 and 9S

The Z9 is classed as a Super all mountain expert combination carver/freeride.
Z9 glass core and titanium making it stiffer then the Z5 glass and carbon.
It sounds like the 9S oversize and the 9X oversize will be combined to form one ski don't have all the details on that yet.
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The picture of the Rossi's race skis at Skipass.com shows 3 skis: Vs, 9s Worldcup and 9x worldcup. The dimensions of the 9x (167 cm) are 116-68-100 and r=15m.

There's a Rossi race ski for sale on e-bay in Germany that provides the specs on the new 9x ski:

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I want an oversized ski now.
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I want to try those Oversize skis! Definitely a response to the Metrons...
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I just saw the 2006 Bandit B2's, Rossi 9s and Dynastar Speed 64 Slalom race ski (it has the new autodrive plate which uses the fixed heel look binding system - Rossi's has the same new binding).

These skis look awesome , and now I just have to figure out where I can demo them (and sneak them into the house and convince my wife that honest they are really my old skis).
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I tried my new rossignol oversize 9s today for the first time. they have been sitting in the corner of the flat all season collecting dust due to the poor snow conditions in Whistler this season.

this ski is obviously very turny. the conditions today was 3 day old soft snow on blue ice. I was surprised at the skis versatility, its able to cope with a wide variety of conditions in varying turn shapes. i was surprised at how well they ski in the bumps, they do however prefer a carving technique through moguls. the ski is very heavy but i did not notice this on the snow.

It certainly is a fun carving ski for people who have solid technique and is well centered over the ski.
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Saw the 9 oversized at Killington today and I talked the guy was skiing it. The ski is much sharper in person than in the picture. The ski in no where near the weight of the Metron, my guess is being Rossi, it will not have the personality of the Atomic either.
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What did he say about how it skied?
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Originally Posted by ssh
What did he say about how it skied?

He was French and worked for Rossi. Need I answer that question?
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