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Ski Recommendation?

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I know there are about a billion of these threads but I just couldn't resist making another . After skiing a few years back when I was 11-14 I went again for the first time in 7 years this year, and found myself wondering why I had stopped in the first place. After a few times out this season I think I'm going to get pretty serious about improving and it's time to get new skis/boots again. The last time I had skis they were straight junior skis, but I still remember them as being far better than the rentals I've had lately.

I'm 21, 5'11, 180 lbs and pretty much a low intermediate. I can ski all blues and some easier blacks, but the steeper blues and blacks tend to ski me if you know what I mean. I end up pretty defensive and skid all my turns. I plan to work on carving and my technique in general and will probably take a few lessons soon. I don't ski very agressively, but I would if I felt confident in doing so. So far all of my skiing has been on piste and in the northeast, so good grip on hardpack and ice is a given. I don't have plans to go out west yet or off piste much, so I don't really need an all mountain type I gather. I don't mind going "high end", I would rather have something I would grow into rather than outgrow. Moguls are something I would like the ski to be at least passable in. I do plan to demo before I buy, hopefully anyway.

There seem to be a lot of skis that fall into the good hard snow carving category, and I've been looking at Atomic C:9s , SX:7, SX:9, Metron 9, Fischer RX6/8, and Volkl 4 or 5 stars. Does anyone have any thoughts on if some of these skis would work, or be too much ski for me? I had no problem flexing some 177 Rossi rentals but I'm sure that rentals are very very soft.
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I got some Atomic C:9's when I was at your level and loved them. Mine were a little too long for me at 180cm, but I certainly enjoyed them.
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If you ski groomers, The C9 would work well. Probably a 170.

All the skis you mentioned will do you good.

SSH raves about the Fischer RX8. The C9s, Metron 9 and RX8 would probably be the most bang for the buck.
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Fischer RX8, Rossi 9S Oversize are both good bets.
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I'm in your boat and got a pair of K2 omni 5.5's. Only skied them once in terrible conditions but theres a review posted if you do a search.
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You said "probably take some lessons". Reduce your ramp-up time and take a few lessons on the new skiing technique . Start out on the right foot and any of the mentioned skis will work for you. I like the 4 star in a 168 for a great learning tool. The ski does it all great even in bumps. It’s just not super stable at high speeds.
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