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Originally Posted by RotoFury
Those are the most stylish boots out there. I could explain why (IMO) they are so cool, but that would put me high on a soapbox ranting about the difference between fashion and style. And well, that's not a very flattering rant (as if any rant is flattering) for a guy to engage in. So rather than go in that direction with this post, I'll simply say this:

My biggest pet peeve with any "enthusiast" community is the ignorant (note" I don't mean "ignorant" as an insult, but rather to mean "lack of knowledge") supposition that only dilettants worry about how a product looks. I have said it before, and it bears repeating: if product design didn't matter, companies wouldn't spend so much money on it. It DOES matter. Sure nobody should buy the wrong equipment because the gear looks cool, but when deciding between two similar products, factors like brand loyalty and design appeal typically arise. To think otherwise is, well, naive.

That all being said, if I upgrade boots off-season, I will check out the Dalbello Kryptons (Flexons) first. Not because they are the coolest looking -- they aren't anywhere near as cheek-chic as these Atomics -- but because they have been so positively received.

Awesome points, Roto, and very well put ... often the people who claim to have no interest in fashion/design, are clearly, if unconsciously, taking part in fashion big time, too. Defenders of Hummers ("It's really practical for my commute in New Jersey") are typical of this. For more on fashion, see: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=22720. Of course, there are no fashion victims here on Epic...
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I've been skiing the Race Tech XS all season. I couldn't care in the least as to their color, they are the best boots I've ever had. Warmer and better performing than my Icon XT 17's. That said one women from Nebraska asked where she could get a pair.
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Maybe that's why the RT TI is available in puke green?
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is that "forward lean city", or just the camera angle...?

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Come on L7!

You can scoop this one! Just think, the world premiere of the 2006 Atomic Metron Line hosted exclusively by L7.

You'll be FAMOUS!
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Remember Billy Crystal’s old SNL character where he used to say, “it’s not how you feel it’s how you look … and you look Mahvelous”.

Well, I don’t care what color they are as long as they didn’t mess with the fit. I’m glad to see the solid sole as opposed to the two-piece soles on my older Race 10:50’s.

The more things change the more they stay the same. This boot, and every other serious race boot for that matter, look like they’re evolving into a simpler design … that looks a lot like the original Grand Prix.

The white isn’t bad at all … it could be worse (i.e. Lange Pink Panthers).
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