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Tahoe crowds

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Hi all;
I'll be in SLT the 2nd week of Feb, (Mon - Fri ski days). Should I expect big crowds? I usually go to Summit County in CO and walk on the lifts during the week. Here in the NE, the same.

If it gets crowded during the week in Tahoe, what areas are best to avoid 'em?

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Weekdays, crowds are not a factor unless there is a holiday. I don't think Groundhog day counts. I don't think it will be an issue.
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no crowds at Tahoe

Unless you are skiing President's Day weekend, you don't need to worry. I have a pass at Mt Rose and so far this season I haven't encountered any lift lines. Even on a beautiful Sunday, which pleasantly surprised me. I skied Heavenly the week after New Years - no lift lines. I skied Homewood on Christmas Day, no lines there either. So far it's been a great ski season in Tahoe. I'm lovin it! I'm glad I moved here last summer. First I looked at Utah or Colorado, then checked Reno out and made the decision to move here after visiting Lake Tahoe last spring. Coming from Ohio, I'm in heaven here in the Sierra's. I may eventually spend a year or two in Utah or Colorado but for now I'm happy here. I still have Squaw, Sierra, and Sugarbowl on my list for this season. The other ones (Alpine, Northstar, Kirkwood) will have to wait till next year!
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