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2003 Salomon GS-194

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Ski Make:Salomon
Ski Model:GS-194
Ski Length:194
Snow Conditions Used In: hardpack, ice, granular, loose snow, rutted GS course
Number of Days Used:15 or so
Your Ability:racer/coach
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:14
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:50ish
Other Skis You Like:Rossi 9X WC
Your Height/Weight:5'8" / 165


I bought these skis for $150 cdn, so I figured I had not much to lose.

Wow! If I was on the World Cup, these boards would be sick! Unfortunately I'm not...

My first comment is that, for a 194, these skis are incredibly nimble. They can be thrown around quite well, which makes up for thier gigantic length.

Edge grip is fantastic. I have never skied a ski that gripped better than this one, that is on hard conditions. Because of its length and stiffness, in anything softer than really hard pack, the tips do not engage and grip and acceleration are nil.

Stability is what you would expect from a 194, incredible.

Now for my gripes with the ski, the main issue is that they do not turn unless you have a substatial amount of speed, making top flats in the course rather difficult. Because I lack the strength and technique of a WCer, I tend to fall inside ski in these cases.

As well, the ski does not turn enough for me to be able to complete anything but the most open GS courses. It has a sidecut (which I measured myself) of 98-64-86, giving a radius of about 26 m. Although big, that is not huge, but due to the length and stiffness, I cannot bend the skis as much as I would like. As well, the narrow tail makes it difficult to bring the ski accross the fall line, which does not help either.

Bottom line is that these are the best skis I have ever owned. They are a blast in hard conditions with no one on the hill. However, conditions like that are quite rare, and I do need to be able to finish a GS, so my plan is to sell these and get myself a 185.
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Are the skis the Lab model?
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Must be. 2002/2003 there was the longest retail GS ski 195 cm/25 m, but 100-66-93.
I have a bit older Salli 190 cm, even narrower (96 mm tip) and it´s an awesome ski. I ski it sometimes. Unlike this one mine was a womens ski and is quite soft in flex.
I also need something shorter to finish a typical tighter GS in a satisfactory way.
I wouldn´t sell that one. It also depends on whether there will be another lunatic to buy a ski that long,
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I'm selling so that I can afford to get some reasonable skis. They won't be far away anyway...they're going to a friend.

They are race stock skis, before they started calling the skis LAB, I think.
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