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Pssst...Sir Mack...

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It was very nice to meet you tonight! You're a very cool dude and I must say you look (and act) nothing like the typical knuckledraggers of Eastern Mass.

It's great to put a face to the name. I'll look for your flowing style on the hill and try to catch you (in a dream, in a dream).
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Boy has he got you snowed. Did you meet the same guy I know. You should have stuck around. Closed the bar and solved the Ski Areas problems. If we had our way it would be solvent immediately.

By the way I was dissappointed that those flowers weren't for us. I had hopes.

Also hope you enjoy'd Lou's company.
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Cmon, he's a nice guy! Must be the beer goggles you put on that give you another perspective.

Lou....is he the lawyer with the strange stories? I had to go out and ski after he started one with:

"I once defended this logger with one arm and one leg....":
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thanks guys...

you know...It was so cold when I left my house this morning, I saw a Lawyer (I think It was Lou) with his hands in his own pockets...
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It is nippy out.
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Someone's in LUV.
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