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Hostel in Banff?

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I have cancel my trip to Fernie and i'm now heading to Banff. I want to ski Lake Louise and Sunshine + a day trip to Kicking Horse. I was looking at the hostel in banff and i'm wondering if it's better to stay in Banff (HI or Samesun) or at Lake Louise (HI). All the hostels offer a shuttle to the mountain.

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Stay in Banff. It's cheaper than Lake Louise and there is a lot more to do. At Lake Louise you are kind of in the middle of nowhere. Plus it will be hard to get transportation to Sunshine from there. I would recommend the Samesun. It is a pretty cool place and is better located than the HI. The HI is about a 1km (uphill) walk from downtown. Not the most fun after the bar! The Samesun is about a 5 minute walk from downtown.
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You could also check 'the Y' in Banff, even closer to downtown and similar rates I would think. The HI is a bit away but probably nicer overall set up then the 'samesun crackhouse'.
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More bars in Banff

I'd say Banff, if only because of the nightlife. The cheapest hostel is probably Castle Mtn. located midway between Banff and Lake Louise, but it is "rustic" and I am not sure if any of the shuttles stop there. There is a bus to Kicking Horse that leaves from Banff and Lake Louise, info on times and cost is on the KH website.

I have a soft spot for the HI hostels because I use them for school trips and outdoor activities so that would be my suggestion. The Lake Louise hostel is also a joint venture with the Alpine Club of Canada but I don't recall that a club membership got you a better deal than a hostel membership in that facility.
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Thanks for the tips.

I made my reservation to the Samesun in Banff. I'm now praying for snow!

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