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Ski tuners in Steamboat?

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I'll be in Steamboat the first week of Feb. and would appreciate any recommendiations of local shops that could properly tune my Atomic SX:11s. I know from reading other posts that the Atomic specs. of 1 deg. base and 3 deg. side bevels are critical to the ski's performance on hard snow (especially when we get back home to the NE). I've demo'ed and bought skis and boots in the off-season from SportStalker in Gondola Square, and they seem to have knowledgable techs. There's a shop on the Yampa in town that carries Atomics (One Stop?) that's a nice, friendly local place. If anyone has any experience getting skis tuned in the 'Boat, please chime in. Thanks.
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Ski tuners in Steamboat

I'm leaving for Steamboat Thursday a.m. Just a bump for any good suggestions. Anyone? - Ullr, liveandlearn, anyone?
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I had my skis tuned at a shop right at the base and was quite happy with the outcome. My skis were taking a beating due to the thin snow cover and I wanted some edge work done. I can't recall the name of the shop but it's a couple doors down from the coffee and burrito cafe. Sort of kiddy-corner from SportStalker. It's a tuning only shop, with the Montana machine in full view. They don't sell gear.

Have fun on your trip.
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That shop....

.......is called Edgewerks and they are definitely the best (if you're willing to shell out $70+ for a tune).

Otherwise, Sportstalker, Ski Haus, or Ski & Bike Kare are all great shops with knowledgable techs and each perform traditional tunes for reasonable prices.
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I can't remember the name of the shop, but if you go into town they are the small shop down on the river. Go towards the rodeo grounds and turn right before the bridge. The are down a block or 2 on your left.

sorry about the name, but I used them for 4-5 years and were very happy. Now I only do my own, but it was one of the good shops I had no issues with.
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That shop....

Is called One Stop Ski Shop, and they are now located both along Lincoln Highway (at the corner of Lincoln and 7th....I think) and along Yampa St (the owner saw an opportunity and seized it).

Really, it's all a matter of where you are staying. If you're staying in the resort village go with Edgeworks or Sportstalker....it's a convienience thing. If you're staying closer to downtown, go with One Stop, Ski Haus, or Ski & Bike Kare. I've had skis tuned at all of these shops and have not once been disatisfied with the results.
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Thanks for your responses. We're staying at the Rabbit Ears, so I'll start by sauntering down to One Stop when we arrive (and maybe get a milkshake at Johnny B. Good's while I'm waiting for the tune to be done).
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