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2005-06 Head IM77 Monster

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My local ski shop has the new monsters in stock. They are not 77 mm under foot instead of 75 and utilize liquid metal material in the skis. If you recall, liquid metal was a big thing with golf clubs a few seasons back. One of the guys demoed them and claims that they are much more lively than the older generation ski which they replace. Has anybody else demoed these?
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Yeah, I saw an ad in SkiPress for the LiquidMetal stuff on next year's i.SL Chip (god I hope they don't keep the paint job shown there, ugly as hell), anyone know the marketing spiel on that, and if it actually does anything?
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"Liquid Metal" sounds like they've filled them with mercury.

Talk about toxic skis. :

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Wouldn´t the liquid metal be toxic for the poor chip inside?
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Unless they're going to oak 2x4 technology, they'd have to be have more "life" than the previous year's models.
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I Think it is liquid lead because they are so heavy an unmounted pair feels like the binding is alredy mounted!
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I have several pair of the 77 Monsters on order and 1 is slated for a demo-I will post again when I have time on them! A guy who I know that has skied the new Monster 88 says it is much more nimble than the old 85, and it replaces the 75 as his new favorite all-terrain ski (he also has a pair of XRC SW's).
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Just for giggles, I looked at the SEC filings for Liquid Metal Technologies (there is a link on their website). These guys are trying to stay afloat. While the technology looks very promising, these guys have classic start-up grandeur problems and a ferocious burn rate. Head looks to be there sole sports gear manufacturer that is using it -- also Rawlings for baseball bats (hi-tech?). R&D is way down -- next to nothing. So Head may have committed to support a company and a new technology that may evaporate as source of raw materials in the near future.

Don't know how all the affects ski design and product manufacture as a consumer, but ... I'd wait until this one shakes itself out.
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This material also is being considered as a replacement for depleted uranium in the manufacture of armor piercing projectiles (think 30mm cannon mounted on the A-10 Warthog aircraft) according to their web site. It may also have other aerospace and defense applications. If these applications pan out the company may make it. I have looked at the materials properties and I intend to investigate this material for use in structures for space based sensors. It may have advantages over the Beryllium, Titanium, and Graphite Composite structures that I currently work with. One potential problem with amorphous materials is that the homogeneity of various material properties can vary through a piece of the material if the fabrication processes are not well controlled. Many of the material advancements used in sporting goods have come from development programs originally designed for aerospace applications.
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Head's been using liquidmetal for awhile in their tennis racquets, don't know what it does but they are great racquets, a lot of pros including Agassi, Safin use them.
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At the Head booth, there was this cool POP display that had 2 marble-sized balls, one made of titanium, the other of Liquid Metal. You dropped the marble from a height of 25cm or so and the balls would bounce onto a plate. The Titanium ball bounced for arond 10 seconds. The Liquid Metal ball bounced much higher and longer-at least 45 seconds. I am guessing it is more elastic without deforming, with a much higher spring force. It will be interesting to see if it skis any different.
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