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Boarder Only Take Two -- Park Only

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The Boarder Only thread (which I hope was just done has good fun and not to be hurtful, kinda like mandolin players make jokes about banjo players having no teeth) reminded me of something I thought of a while back.

What about a park-only resort for boarders and free style skiers. You'd only need 100-150' of vert. It could even be artificial like the grade on the side of an old dump. Ideally it would be a big long ridge with one slope 100' or so high and maybe 1/4 mile (or more wide) with a pipe built right into a hill as well as various jibs like jumps and rails of all sorts. Have a magic carpet or two on each side and one or two in the middle. Throw in some snowmaking. How many times to you see boarders and skiers who just want to do the pipe or one jump walk up because they don't want to ride the lift and ski/ride all the way back to the feature.

Near an urban area, such an area might be a bonanza.
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Bear Creek, which used to be Doe Mountain, just south of Allentown in Pa has gone this route. It just couldn't compete with the bigger areas with size so they basicly made the whole place a park.
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We have one near Chicago it's called Raging Buffalo, in Buffalo Grove IL
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That sounds like a great idea. combine that with a skate board park and maybe even a water park and you have things covered for all 4 seasons. By the way i'll be investing in the on sight ambulance service and the local Chiropractic Clinic
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Yeah, I've thought about it. I've also thought that because of the limited size needed (doesn't HAVE to be a 1/4 mi wide), it could be done indoors, year round. I orginially thought about it as also being a good place to do off season demos, since new skis generally come out way before ski season. That way, you could demo and buy before the real season started. It would also be a great place to do off season lessons.

As for the outdoor pipe/park, you could and add in some North Shore stunt mountain biking features on trails in the woods nearby. This alone could be a year-round operation in areas like the mid atlantic.
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Theres one being built in castle rock colorado

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I think that this would be a fantastic way to go for one or two of the small midwestern resorts in my area (Milwaukee suburbs). It seems that resorts are still kind of aprehensive about dedicating an entire run to a park aorund here, but at the resorts that do have large, well planned parks, they experience much higher ticket sales from the high school and college age group. If a resort were to dedicate itself completely to freestyle terrain, and then have a run or two for high school and league racing, you'd have a major money maker because kids in the milwaukee area have already proven that they're more than willing to drive nearly two hours to resorts in the Madison area which cater to freestyle, and most most junior and high school racers really dont have a choice of where they want to ski, so you may as well open 2 or 3 dedicated race runs to them and pull down the hundred plus ticket sales they bring with them on weekday nights.

This only really applies to the midwest, since an entire midwest resort dedicated to freestyle is still smaller than the parks alone in most western resorts.
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Correct link

http://ridearcticsummer.com/ Original posting had a typo.
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What exactly is the material they use as a base for that year round park? Same stuff as those indoor parks in Japan? What is it like to carve on? I'm intrigued....
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Originally Posted by verdugan
http://ridearcticsummer.com/ Original posting had a typo.
What an awful web site. Not a single picture of the place. The only thing they had was a couple of videos in the 100MB + range. Even on cable broadband, no thanks.
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That is exactly what they are doing with a local dump here in Edmonton. They gained approval to make it 18 stories high and loose plans are laid to make it a ski hill. sure it won't be much but the hill will be like a dome allowing decent down all sides. Not sure how they plan to move people around on the bottom but a big ring road type magic carpet would work great or simply a rope tow.

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My understanding is that a lot of smaller eastern resorts have had a real renaissance with border parks for precisley the reason that they don't require a lot of vertical, fresh snow isn't an issue, etc..plus boarders are nicely segregated. <evil grin>
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All park & pipe in New Zealand, opened up 3 or 4 years ago. All the Northern Burton riders seem to be there for the southern winter
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