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Question for Volkl Explosiv pilots

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I'd be interested to know if you use your Explosivs:
a) All of the time, in all types of snow and locations on the hill
b) Most of the time - and when you DON'T use them
c) Only when there's powder or crud (you can always find crud!!)
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I've been skiing mine about 90% of the time. The only times I pull something else out is when conditions off-piste are trash and I'm carving groomers all day or on big powder days when I'm skiing all fresh lines.
It's not that the explosivs are no good in the above conditions, you can carve some nice arcs with them and they're a blast in fresh powder. But let's be honest, at 95 in the waist, they aren't a pure carving ski and I've got a pair of softer fat sticks that just give a different feeling in the fresh. Once things start to get tracked out, though, the explosivs re-appear.
If I were looking for one fat ski to do it all, it would be either the Explosiv or (the ski that bumped mine to rock ski status) the Elan M777 - depending on location.
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I really only ski mine on big powder days, and for a few days after them. They're too wide to be a versitile all mountain ski. And with a 34M turning radius they aren't that much fun to ski groomers on(don't get me wrong, when i am on groomers with them they are amazing because of how stable they are).
It's all about variety, you have to have lots of skies.
Finally, my xplosiv's are the greatest ski i have ever owned...
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Use my Explosivs (190) in the fresh stuff. G4s (188) for everything else.
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I ski mainly Seven Springs. I have found myself skiing the vexp 75 - 80 % of the time. The only time I do not use it is if it is pure Pennsylvania Packed Powder. I am going to soon post about how the vexp changed me.
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All the time or 99% of the time. In super deep powder I use a wider, softer, longer ski Made N AK (my Ex are 180cm) but I looooooooove the Explosiv for everything else: boot deep powder, trees, powder, crud, groomers, hardpack, bumps, you name it. It has no speed limit: rock solid at mach schnell!

Me: 6' 2", 185 lbs
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Ahh...you know where I stand...but I rarely ski them in SoCal.
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my explosives get used nearly everday. the only time they don't get used is when another ski grabs my attention in the morning and just begs to get skied. this happens every 6th or 7th ski day.

those other skis:

190 gotama

183 gotama

188 original rossi bandit xxx

185 volant machete sin

when i get my superspeed, i expect the explosive to have some very stiff competition for normal hard pack days with no fresh and little soft to be found.
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Use the 190 about 70% of my skiing days (pow, crud), 20 % the 180 (breakable crust or off-piste boilerplate).
The rest is reserved for my other 4 sticks
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