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Dynastar 05/06

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Speed Course Comp: no change
Speed Omeglass Comp: 116-64-100, 165/155 cm
Speed Omeglass: no change
Speed Course: 112-67-98, 178 cm/17 m

Skicross Pro: no change
Skicross 11: = Speed Course
Skicross 10: = no change

Contact: a new line "for excellent on-trail skiers"
5 models with 64-70 mm waists

Driver: recreational - 5 models

Exclusive: 12 models

Legend Pro Rider 124-97-116 186/194 cm, 186/29 m
Legend 8800 - no change
Legend 8000 - no change
Legend 4800 and 3800

All infos based on "Multibrand poster" with some basic info
Internal changes are possible.
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Are the Course Comp and Omeglass Comp race stock skis, or is there a race stock line on top of those?
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Originally Posted by D(C)
Are the Course Comp and Omeglass Comp race stock skis, or is there a race stock line on top of those?
That´s what I don´t know and won´t know till Feb 6-7 (the ISPO fair Munich) where I can ask the Dynastar people...
... who would of course say the skis are TRUE RACE SKIS, the same Kjus or Chenal use
(ski companies always say so - my experience )
I guess (guess being the right word) that they are sort of "public racestock" with some "better" racestock existing but not easily available, whether you call it "racestock", "RD" or "Worldcup"...
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Waxman posted about the 2005/06 Dynastars "The new flagship groomer rocket will be the Autodrive Limited(maybe Liquid). This is the first ski from d-star/look with a true binding integration(autodrive 2 may be the name)."

Anybody have any more info on the new ski-binding system?
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They had promised such a system for 2004/2005 already, then postponed it.
The Multibrand Poster is an excerpt from the regular catalog (which should have arrived this week but has not).
There´s only "Autodrive Flex" with the first three Speed models but no description or explanation.
Our rep didn´t say anything.
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Cross 11 & Contact Limited Edition

I had the opportunity to try both the new cross 11 and the limited edition contact. The cross 11 is basically a gs ski with a 15 meter sidecut. Great ride, sort of like a slalom with gs stability. Mine are on order!!!! The contact has the integrated binding. The toe is fixed and the heel piece floats. This is basically a cross 10 with the new integrated binding. Very smooth feel.
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question about the new dynastar skis for 05/06

when will the new dynastar race skis be avalable to purchase
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I believe they already are. Contact your local rep, or Mr. Dewey at


With regards to the older questions, the Comp and Omeglass Comp are FIS legal retail skis. The race stock versions are simply called none other then Race Stock.

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