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College PE credits for skiing.

Poll Results: I took(take)skiing for PE credits in college.

  • 23% (7)
  • 13% (4)
  • 10% (3)
    Did not, do not go to college.
  • 53% (16)
    My college did not offer this, or at least I didn't know about it.
30 Total Votes  
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When I was in college, many years ago now, I was able to sign up for a "learn to ski" program for college PE credits. With this, I was able to fulfill my entire PE requirement. I was wondering if there are others that had this same "opportunity".

For 6 weeks each winter we would travel by bus to Wachusett Mountain (about a 20 minute ride) for a ski class. The first class each year we were divided into groups...have skied/have not skied and then into levels with a ski off. My first year I pretended that I did not know how to ski so I could get an easy "A", not realizing that meerly attending gave you the same grade. Unfortunately, my scam was discovered in the very first class...the instructor was actually a friend of mine that I had taught to ski at a little local area in our town.

I later learned that just arriving and signing in counted...even if you sat in the lounge the whole time...as long as they had proof that you attended, still resulted in an "A" and credits. Needless to say, I learned nothing at all from these lessons. (It was actually a pretty good scam on the part of the ski area).
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I got credit for skiing (at now closed Mt. Tom), bowling and table tennis while at U Mass. There were other sports as well--I just don't remember which right now.

These were only 1 credit courses however, credit and grade counted in GPA, just not with the same weight as a "regular" 3 credit course.
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Still to this day, one of my favorite classes!

The instructor had us ski down, and placed us into groups. When it was my turn, after my run, he had me ski over to him, he then looked at me and said, "What are you doing here? You could teach this class."

There were two others in our little group, and we worked on a lot of advanced stuff that year! It really helped my skiing. It was essentially a private lesson once a week for 6 weeks!

Go college!
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Me too - For $70 we got a semester of lessons and a season pass good only for that day of the week. The best was if you got into the Friday class and could ski all day and late into the night. Skied at Labrador and then Toggenburg in central new york. We got pass-fail grades for PE and you had to show up and ski even if it was raining.
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I never got credit for skiing, I did fail out for skiing to much. Calculus-Powder day? Calculus-powder day? That wasn't a hard choice at all.
I did later get to teach the Skiing PE class for Adirondack Community College and Green Mt. College. Good times.
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PSIA has something worked out with some colleges. I'm trying to have some of the local ones team up with ASIA.

(aside- you should have received a disc from me for your website)
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I took bicycling, tennis, fencing, running, badminton, archery, kayaking, i can't remeber them all. Took at least one PE credit each semester. I, too failed out for skiing, which was not offered at my school.
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They dont offer this at UB... but if they did i would offer to teach it for free tuition... kind of like being a teaching assistant. Not a bad deal eh?
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They didn't offer it at my college.

However, I started teaching when I was in high school, and during my college years, I ended up teaching those 6 session for-credit PE courses for one of the local colleges that did offer it. It was odd being 20 years old and teaching 22 year olds in a college course. Needless to say, we had fun!
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I took a PE class: Intermediate Skiing, when I was at the Univ. of Utah. It was held at Alta. I received one hour of credit.
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For what it's worth:

My college didn't give credit for any PE classes.
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This poll is flawed

My college does not do pe
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I took 2 classes in skiing - both at Madonna. I went to UVM. I never missed that class. On the other days I skied.

Actually, I think my minor was skiing. Quite sure my major was partying, but can't remember very well.
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I would be all over that if they offered it at my school. I did take Golf last semester and got an A for just showing up. I'm a 10 handicaper so I was one of about two others that had even played golf before. It was fun though, I would always play with the pro and got some nice pointers. It definitely improved my game.
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My school has a class that is sort of a historical survey of New Hampshire ski areas and you can get 1 day of skiing for 10 bucks at a bunch of places in the state as an optional part of the class. The idea didn't really thrill me though so I never got around to taking it.
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