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That explains the nice drop in price on the 'old' B2s at back country today.
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Originally Posted by adviljunky
I'm about to buy a set of B2s. My sales guy says the new models are here in Canada but haven't made their way to the shop yet (in Whistler). Apparently it's 2mm wider throughout, has a stiffer shovel, and vibration damping (plus the sweet new cosmetics). I'll report back when I get a definitive answer on when they'll hit the shelves.
Maybe you could also clarify the dimensions or somebody else confirm the dimensions on the 2006 models.

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DS25, How much are they going for at Backcountry in Silverthorn? I'm thinking about picking up another pair. I've got about 150 days on mine.
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I happened to look at Backcountry after reading that post too and I believe they're going for about $415 (give or take a couple dollars).
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I think you'll find 'em cheaper from reputable eBay dealers. that's where I'd look.

(just peeking in here to see if anyone has any performance reviews of the '05-'06 B series)
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Magnoe, That's no deal. I only paid $400 for my B3's. With the new skis out now, they'll come way down around the first of April.
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I'm going to have the chance to ski the new B2's this weekend. A shop in Eville has them in stock and have some mounted for demo. Now all we need if some frickin snow instead of the rain were getting right now.
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backcountry.com just put the B2s on sale for 419.00 and the rossi 120 axial binding for 155.00. I got lucky in January when they put the sale up for two days accidentally and have been waiting to see it again for a friend. Today was the day, but I think they will stay on sale a little longer this time.

For the record, I love my B2s and they have been in many different conditions over the last month. I have not met any terrain they didn't handle well.

Granted, I’m 5’6” 155 and don’t have any problem with them being soft like some of the heavier guys who have had problems with them.
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Wow! Those rock!
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ds25: what size b2s are you skiing? 170?
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Here is a video clip featuring the 2005-06 bandit's

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Yea....170s. I demo'd both sizes (176, 170) and went with the 170s. I wasn't going to make a purchase until April for lower pricing. Now, I get three months out of the skis this year and with that setup I couldn't refuse.
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