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Okemo demo centers

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I am going to Okemo this weekend and will have Friday all to myself (daughters and wife in all-day lessons). I was thinking of a strip club for Friday but decided to stick to skiing...probably less expensive)!

Okemo has two demo centers, Salomon and Atomic, and for $25 to $50 you can demo these two ski brands half or all day. Not ever having been to Okemo has anyone tried this? I was wondering how crowded these centers get and how many ski's one could try in a day or half a day?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I tried the atomic tent-good variety of attomic metron series,XI,b5,sx,etc Its $20/4 hrs,$32/all day.And you can change your skis,how many times I don't know.The b5s are awesome.
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The salomon demo center is by the sugar house, on the main part of the mountain. Atomic center is by the jackson gore base area. Good luck on Friday, looks pretty brrrr from this vantage point.
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