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My girlfriend is looking for a pair of Midfats 73-80 at the waist...As you may have seen in my post earlier, the ski she wants is a salomon scream 8 the womens one thats redish...anyways She is looking at other skis....Right now she is skiing the Elan XCarve SR. which she got for 99$ including a pair of Salomon s711's....nice bindings small boring ski..

anyways I have about 9 vail buy one get one free lift tickets..I have been selling them on ebay for about $40 a pop ... They work midweek except for a few black out dates...i can post the disclaimer or small print or whatever if you ask....

I also, have a Dillion Guitar...its sunburst electric and has a hollow telecaster sent on request..I like it but I play my strat alot...the guitar I bought for $200 and it is in great shape but could use a professional tune job due to the fact I haven't really played it in years.

Also I have a pair of K2 "American Flag Skis" they have old bindings on them and are 177's ...

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