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Fun Racing Game Demo

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Got this the other day and it was pretty fun.

Ski Racing 2005 - featuring Hermann Maier

There is a demo you can download that allows you to race the Kitzbeul downhill. It is really interesting and seems realistic (although I haven't played any other skiing games to compare it to).

First, you have to pre-jump airs so you don't dump all your speed in the air. Also the demo racer guy they give you can't carve turns for crap so you have to be really really careful to take a fast high line through the turns to keep your speed. Once you do the race once, your next try will be racing against a shadowy model of yourself the previous race that way you can get a feel for what lines are faster/slower.

The whole installation and game is in german I think but I managed to figure it out pretty quickly. Controls are straightforward.

I think the coolest thing about it is that if you play it for a half hour or so (and finish some runs) you will have a really good feel for the Kitzbeul course. It is really hard to get a good feel for a downhill course from zooming TV cameras and I assume most of us aren't lucky enough to see these places firsthand. I look forward to watching the next Kitzbeul downhill on TV since I feel like I literally know every turn on the course.
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