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major edge dings?

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Curious what the best tuning strategy is to minimize the effects of a major edge ding without tuning off 1/3 of my edges.

I hit a pretty good rock a few weeks ago and when I went to tune that night I was unsure of the best plan of attack. I got all of the metal that was sticking out taken off and made sure my side and base bevels were set in the area of the ding. The result is like there are some chunks of edge still missing and the edge is pretty jagged.

The base edge part was the hardest hit and unlike the side edge I can't easily just shave off some sidewall and tune off a bit more edge without screwing up the base/edge area.

So without taking off a lot of base edge and base is it best to just leave the edge a bit jagged or to dull/smooth it until it gets back to normal after enough tunes?
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Are you racing on these? if not just leave them a bit jagged is fine. I would knock off real jagged points with some 400grit paper and leave it alone.

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Diamond stone to eliminated jagged edges(note:if you have a tool that creates the correct base angle.....slide the Diamond stone where the file would go...That way you keep the appropriate base angle along the length of the ski)
Gummi stone to smooth it out
Polish the base edge with a high speed buffer (if available)
It probably will not look perfect ...but think smooth not 'new'
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The only way to totally get rid of the base dings are a base grind.

Just do what the guys said above and try to make it as smooth as possible but don't take off too much material.
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OK - This will work - it looks ugly and it needs to be redone a few times throughout the season, but it's better than taking off tons of base material and edge.

Go to and buy the METALGRIP REPAIR STRING. You'll need the right tools to use this stuff (you can't just drip it like a candle - take a look at the tools available on the page). You can actually use it to not only repair the area of the base near the edge, but also for a deep gouges in the base edge itself.

Your edge will have a black section where you have filled in the edge shot with copoly, but it really will stick and stay in there fairly well (depends on the depth of the gouge). I use this stuff on my rock skis all the time.
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Just to clarify, my p-tex base is in fine condition. I literally either sideskidded or carved over a rock and it is the metal edge itself that is mangled.
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Me and Noodler were referring to your base edge.
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