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Binding preference

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I'm shopping for bindings and looking seriously at Marker M51 or Salomon S912 ti. I'm a 6-1, 220lb recreational, mostly East Coast skiier. Present ski is a 2003 Dynastar Skicross 9. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, recommendations? Thank you.
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what ski are they going on
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Look p12 or Rossie 120 same binding under the skin. Whatever is the cheapest of the 2 Isn't the M51 a much older binding?
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Utah49 has it right...
... if its only the marker or the salomon, then go with the 912 ti
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Salomon Can't keep me in.

5'9" 255# DIN of 9 or 10 PSIA LII Pro, Eastern Skier, Hard and fast but slowing down a little at 49 yrs old. All my life Salomon bindings have not been able to keep me in when skiing the bumps or the deeps. I popped out of my Pilot 8s Sunday in 2 feet of powder (Yes Windham Mountain got 2 feet!!!) Markers keep me in at a DIN of 8 where Salomons I need to set at 10 or better.
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Personally I think the Salomon is the lesser of two evils. But as Utah 49 and RJP said, go for Look/Rossi pivots given the choice.
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Pivot heel Binding are the easist to put on in deep snow. there is nothing worse then attempting to get your boots perfectly clean of snow while standing on a steep pitch. With the pivot heal you can force you boot into the heal and clean off the snow later for better binding boot contact. i set my own din at 7.5 or 8 I'm 5'8" about 185 lbs and a few years older then 49. By the charts my Din should be a 5.5, in any other binding at that setting I would pop out every third turn. After skiing my new powder skis for a couple of days i realized i had never ajusted my din up. i was skking knee deep powder all over the mountain at 5.5. I'll never go back to marker or solli again.
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Present skis are Dynastar Skicross 9, 186CM. Will "look" into Look/Rossi. Thanks for help/suggestions.
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