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House in the country, $1,000,000.

Three luxury cars, $150,000.

Leaving town during a cold winter without turning off the garage water pipes............. Priceless.
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Wow, that was a mistake.
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My thought was how they got them "De-mummified." You sure wouldn't want to take an ice scraper to them.
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It has been getting so cold in NE that if, per chance, a contractor forgot to insulate any, and I mean any, length of pvc house pipe, the great flood happens. Having a good relationship with your builder helps.
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It looks more like someone left the garage door open (snow seems to present as well) and a fire system went off ... that is more than a simple pipe break.

Putting on an anthropologist's hat ... there are three cars awaiting discovery after the ice age! One of them, on the right looks a whole lot like a Porsche 911 SC ( mid-'80s?), the middle one a hairsylist's buggy (VW Golf Cabrio -- really, who in the world?), and a Jeep: smells like a Californian mix to me....

And you simple have to love the AAA sign on the back wall. "Hello? Triple A? Uh, my car won't start. Can you maybe ... you know ... come out and give me a hand?"
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The pink stuff on the ceiling is frozen insulation. Looks like the break/breaks happened there.

As far as the AAA sign and stuff, you just couldn't set up something like this as perfect as this one is. It just sings YUPPIE doesn't it.
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Not so sure about the break in the pipe, T-Square. There's a pipe to the immediate right of the Porsche that has a nice frozen fountain coming from it. Looks like someone turned it on and let er rip.

The door was shut, also, otherwise it would have run out instead of gotten DEEP (there's ice up to the frames of these cars!), but I wonder how they managed to open the door??
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That picture has been around awhile. I've seen variations that show ski's in the corner to veiwers left. Much debate over ski brand took place with that shot.

Doesn't really matter how it happened, It is an amazing photo non-the-less.
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