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Race Wax

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My kid races on her high school team in NJ and I'd like some insight on race wax. The kids usually tune the day before a race and weather conditions can change drastically, so they need some leeway with the wax. It also needs to be fast, since homework still needs to be done.

Right now, they use a SWIX cleaner to clean the bases. Then wax & scrape. Wax is either Dominator Zoom or Rocket, or an old SWIX Cera 94 that we have. We're running low on wax & since it's so expensive (for race wax that is) I'd like to make an informed choice.

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Dr.D's wax is great, and fairly economical.
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I use Dominator and like it. My advice is to pick a system and stay with it be swix r whoever. Be carefull using base cleaner each time you wax as dries out the base and causes the base to soak up less wax, to clean I like to hot scrape and only use base cleaner when they are really bad.
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Do you use any special wax to hot scrape with. I've seen some labeled base prep.
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Use the cheapest stuff possible to hot scrape with. The hydrocarbon wax with the greatest range ive seen so far is Holmenkohl Beta (red). Its stated range is 3-18F, but ive used it for everything from 0-40F and its faster than any swix CH wax in any conditions. Since fluoro waxes are very limited in their range and are too expensive to waste on the wrong conditions, id pick up two bottles of spray on and cork it in right before the run. that way you can use whats right for the moment without wasting it by trying to guess what you'll need the day before.
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I just the cheap universal stuff, 95% of it is wasted anyway. I also use a universal hydrocarbon as an underlay.
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For hotscraping, I use grocery-store paraffin.

For the original poster, it sounds like the Dominator Race Zoom might be a good choice for a race-day wax. Overlays opens another topic, which depends on your budget.
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