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Volkl T50

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Just heard from a a friend that the Volkl T50 is going to be a hot ski next year. Anyone heard anything bout it? He says that a Volks rep raved about it in 167cm.

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I haven't heard of it yet, but here's some thoughts:
1. The P50 was an excellent ski this year.
2. Fischer & Head are definitely bringing out skis with electronics in them, and I think Volkl may be as well.

So, we could end up with an improved P50, motion bindings and a load of electronics inside the ski. Which could be good, as long as the skis aren't running Windows 98, or you'll crash every time you try to carve with both skis. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Links to pics of new Volkl 2003 models: http://www.mamboo.ru/front/object.js...m1014058086925
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And some tester opinions: http://www.mamboo.ru/front/object~luk1015424185968

In russian, but I know, that You know how to fix this "bug"...

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Fischer's thing for next season is "harmonics" not electronics. Basically it is designed to transfer frequency energy from ski vibrations to the edges.
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