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The Dreaded Hotub incident - Page 2

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it has mostly stopped - a little blood on the dressing when I take it off but thats it. I will stop using the neosporin today - I hope I didnt mess up the healing process by using it for the past week.

thanks dis
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OK - make sure you put some sort fo support over the steristrips.... maybe some fixomull/hypafix (white non-woven tape stuff - sometimes used for feedback strapping by physios or underwrapping sportstape - or in hospitals to hold things in place)

If it is still leaking a bit maybe some non-adherent dressing(Melolin etc) & then a bit of Fixomull....

It will still heal with neosporin - but generally slower as your body has to remove the crap you put on - or you do .... new cells are very easily damaged & if you remove the crap you will have to exert enough force to damage cells... body will do it but it takes time....

If you want/need to put something into it use a hydrogel - they wash off & help the body keep itself clean.... but if it is still bleeding it should be pretty moist wound & it may not be ideal.... You want that wound moist(to help new cells grow) but not wet (to soak existing skin in goop & let it sort of "rot" in wet is bad)....

So ideally inside should sort of "glisten" with moisture while outside will be not wet...

Does that make sense?
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Thinking back, I put a non-stick dressing on it for a long time as it continued to seep. I did the salt water soak followed by peroxide dabbed into the cut, followed by a little lavage (rinse) of sterile saline. Drip dry and then dressing. Two or three times a day for almost a month, then once a day until healed over. Dressing was a couple of pads and taped into place, followed by ace bandage to keep foot together. I was extremely lucky to avoid tendon/ligament damage -- just ridiculously lucky given the size and depth.

That nasty flesh eater ... necrotizing fasciitis (sp?), some member of the streptococcus clan? Initially, they were very worried about some heinous infection from the oysters. Lucky again, I suppose, although as a precaution they gave me some antibiotics that made me sick as a dog if I didn't eat first. A glass around the hot tub should be relatively benign bug-wise, or?
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Glass is pretty clean - water borne infections can be nasty.....

Trouble is he can get infections in it from skin dirt etc... (or ski boots ).... infections in tendons = bad news...
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