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Mountain Creek

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Planning on going to Mountain Creek on Saturday. I have not been there since it was Vernon Valley. How is it now? Is the mountain well cared for? Long lift lines? I would immagine after the snow we just received just about the whole mountain should be opened...yes?

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Mountain Creek

I was there on Monday-Some of the blacks were closed after that huge storm-they are also blowing snow so it should be better by the time you go.
Lift lines were not so bad. The blues are really like greens there though and the few black trails were all icy at the steepest parts. They had a special going that if you showed a weekend ticket from any other mountain -you only paid $20.00
That was a great bargain!

I just can't imagine this being marketed as a destination resort. Just enough there to keep busy for one day. Park at the south area-it is closer to walk to the slopes. It is much better than Vernon ever was-but just can't even come close to any Vt. mountains. BTW, I learned to ski there and it was first time back in over 20 years.
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Mountain Creek


I would not bother going there on a Sat. It is Brooklyn North. Why don't you go up to Jiminy if you live in Conn.? The 20.00 deal was only good for the weekday.
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I was looking for aa easy day trip to go with my 8 year old daughter. She's tired of Thunder Ridge and Butternut, catamount, Jimminy Peak are too far for her for a day trip.

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Scott -- I haven't been to Mtn Creek but my son's gone a few times with friends - his report is like hobojo's. Crowded, lots of boarders trampling little kids, etc. We always hit Butternut or catamount for the day trips - and will this weekend now that they're FINALLY 100% open. Have you tried the back route to Butternut where you cut off rt 22 at Amenia (check their web site directions from NYC) -- it saves significant time. What about the CT areas like Southington or Mohawk or Sundown? No personal experience but maybe a little closer drive. Hate to knock a place I haven't been but my son's report plus my general Intrawest-aversion prompted this post.
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Thanks folks. I am right on the NY (Westchester County) border. The ski areas in CT are actually the same distance as Catamount and B'nut. I have not been to Catamount since the mid-80's, we've been to Butternut a few times. I guess we'll just have to make a longer trip!

We like the long cruisers...How are the ones at Catamount?

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I live about 30 minutes away from the creek and ski there all the time. It's good for a day trip (especially considering the snowstorm we got last weekend, I'll be out there this Sunday). If your going with younger kids or beginners STAY AWAY.

- If you like terrain parks there is NO better mountain
- Fairly decent amount of terrain
- Lot of express lifts for a relatively small mountain
- 100% of their terrain is open for night skiing

- Crowded on weekends
- WAY to many beginners
- WAY to many snowboarders
- Expensive lift tickets on weekends

If you have any questions post em in this thread. I've been skiing up in Vernon for a long time!
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MC is my home mountain and I live about 20 minutes from there. $200 for a season pass not too shabby. Say what you want about Intrawest they have really improved the whole mountain, both with snowmaking and amenities. They are trying to make this resort class but being in NJ will make it tough.

Conditions should be pretty good this weekend but I'd be leery of overcrowding on a Saturday. Then again most local mountains are probably crowded come the weekend.

Nice thing about the season pass, I can pick my daughter up right after school and ski for a couple of hours crowd-free! One thing I have REALLY noticed this year there are TONS of boarders...not that that's a bad thing. Allright it is a bad thing. Just too many...

Anyway I would hesitate to come long distance to MC on a Saturday unless you want to be in LONG lines most of the day. From a terrain standpoint no issues its a pretty decent mountain.

Have fun wherever you go.

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Scott - when there's good natural snow cover (i.e., NOW), Catamount is pretty nice. If you like the long cruisers at Butternut and Belleayre you'll like Catamount. I'd say it has a little more variety than Butternut, and even a nice steep run if you want (Catapult). I skied it a few times last year on non-holiday weekends - no significant lift lines or crowding on slopes.
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Id be curious as to people's thoughts on the "other" Vernon ski resort - "Hidden Valley" as well as the Mt Peter ski area just over the border in NY
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Originally Posted by jalexander
Id be curious as to people's thoughts on the "other" Vernon ski resort - "Hidden Valley" as well as the Mt Peter ski area just over the border in NY
S-M-A-L-L; don't forget Sterling Forest!

Good for local night skiing or teaching your kids how to ski. Not good for an accomplished skier looking for adventure. My opinion is from 20 years ago but they couldn't have changed the size of the mountains
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Boy-one thing I know is that Mt. Creek has really bit into Hunter Mountain's weekend new yorker crowd! So take advantage of it-Hunter-all things considered, is still one of the best east coast mountains-And if you have kids-Hunter One serves up family friendly terrain, and Hunter West is still the toughest expert terrain south of Killington. It's still crowded o a weekend to be sure (so is every place within 4.5 hours of NYC) but since the rise of mountain Creek, it's weekend crowds are significantly less!
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