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Diablo Flame lasts

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Is there much differerence in the men's and women's Diable Flames? And has anyone had shopping experience with Helly Hansen Newport?
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There is no difference in the last of the two boots, they come out of the same mold and use the same plastic. The difference comes in the liner, the ladies liner has more material in the heel pocket and is cut lower in the calf.

As for Helly Hansen, I believe that last winter was their first year carrying ski equipment, and they only carryed tecnica/volkl. Other than that I have no info for you.
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I've dealt with Helly-Hansen...they are pretty good guys there. They've carried ski stuff for a couple of seasons now and are dedicated skiers.

As for the Diablos - Kosack is correct that the shells are the same, but the liner in the women's model is lower and cut more for a typical woman's foot.
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